Peter Weir’s Haunting Classic ‘Picnic during Hanging Rock’ Is Being Remade as a Miniseries

September 6, 2016 - Picnic Time


If we haven’t seen Picnic during Hanging Rock and are curious, don’t let a gossamer Edwardian environment dope you: it’s a deeply vivid story. The Australian classic, creatively expelled in 1975, was destined by Peter Weir and formed on a novel by Joan Lindsay. The illusory story follows a organisation of boarding propagandize girls who go on a cruise with their clergyman on Valentine’s Day in 1900, and then disappear.

The film afterwards sum a fallout during a propagandize and in a village following a disappearance, and what could have happened. If we have to have things orderly sewn up, this isn’t a film for you. But a poser aside (and there is some-more than one), a unreal atmosphere that Weir creates that turns nightmarish during peculiar moments is really Lynchian during times. It’s a fascinating work that also explores a time of both passionate hang-up and a late days of colonialism, where a girls are during contingency with a “wild nature” of a hinterlands they are exploring during a same time that they are finding their possess implicit sexuality.


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With that in mind, it’s not totally startling that a film is now being remade. Variety reports that Fremantle Australia with pay-TV organisation Foxtel are building a 6-part miniseries that will be means to dive deeper into a relations that a girls have and a issue of a disappearance. It’s a intelligent pierce to not spin a story into a series, though, that would certainly need explanations, and nothing could presumably be as good as a fear one can conjure while going by a possibilities of what happened to a girls and their teacher.

Penny Win, Foxtel’s conduct of drama, said,

“The 1975 film that was pivotal in substantiating a complicated Australian film industry. This series, formed on a classical novel, will take viewers on a new and in abyss tour into this impossibly iconic Australian story.”

It will be engaging to see if a miniseries will try and compare a tinge and visible character of a movie, that formed its look on Australian Impressionism, beautifully complementing the ethereal stylings of Edwardian fashions on arrangement throughout. The soundtrack, too, is intensely distinct, so either or not a miniseries chooses to emanate a possess singular take on a element or if it will find to follow this indication stays to be seen.

In a meantime, really watch a strange movie, or revisit it if we haven’t seen it in awhile. It’s a duration of time that was abandoned on radio for a prolonged time, and Picnic during Hanging Rock captures that mixture of wary amazement during a initial of a 20th century rather perfectly.


Image around Janus Films


Image around Janus Films

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