PGI Technologies reports ‘huge success’ with new flexo press during Labelexpo India 2016

November 24, 2016 - Picnic Time

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By Aakriti Agarwal 23 Nov 2016Read later

Busy mount of PGI Technologies during Labelexpo India 2016

PGI Technologies, formerly famous as Precise Graphic India, launched a 3-color flexo press during Labelexpo India 2016, and sole 5 on a uncover floor.

One any of this press will be shipped to Chennai, Pune and Delhi and dual to Bengaluru. The 13in-wide press with energy saver prohibited atmosphere drying complement facilities dual die-cutting stations and one turnbar.

Sanjeev Atre, handling executive during PGI Technologies, said: ‘We ran a press during 65m/min on a uncover building to dry H2O formed inks. This press is a outrageous success and crossed all my expectations in terms of attention feedback, enquiries and final orders we received. we have 4 some-more orders in a pipeline.’

Motivated by a Indian Prime Minister’s Made In India campaign, PGI Technologies has grown a turret rewinder that was showcased for a initial time during Labelexpo India 2016 with a company’s rotary die-cutting machine. The association has also tied adult with a program association and is building an inland 100 percent forsake showing complement that he aims to showcase during Labelexpo Europe subsequent year.

A rotary die-cutting appurtenance with turret rewinder has been sole to a tag printer in Delhi. ‘This 13-inch far-reaching apparatus runs during a limit speed of 125m/min. We have perceived many critical enquiries for this appurtenance too,’ pronounced Atre.

A forsake showing complement will be integrated with a company’s servo slitting appurtenance that was launched during Labelexpo India 2016. Atre describes a appurtenance as ‘value for income apparatus with a limit speed of adult to 250m/min,’ and said: ‘We are on a verge of finalizing dual orders of this appurtenance and received a lot of enquiries during a show.’

In addition, Atre sole 4 image mounters during Labelexpo India 2016. There were mixed orders and enquiries of imitation and captivating cylinders that are a company’s determined products.

Of Labelexpo India 2016, Atre said: ‘This was a best uncover in terms of sales, enquiries and appreciation of a product pattern and quality. It wasn’t cruise time like during many other shows; Labelexpo India was a really critical trade show.’


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