Picnic in a Park earnings with ‘Fly Me to a Moon’ theme

October 1, 2014 - Picnic Time

The Picnic in a Park has been one of Savannah’s favorite events given a pregnancy in a 1980s.

Set for Oct. 5 in Forsyth Park, this year’s cruise will underline a Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus, and contests and other entertainment. The Philharmonic concurrent a low-pitched apportionment of a event.

“The large disproportion this year compared to final year is we have combined an afternoon of party heading adult to a Savannah Philharmonic’s performance,” says Philharmonic executive executive David Pratt. “Our area schools have some fanciful immature musicians and singers and a lineup reflects a cranky territory of these excellent musicians from internal schools.”


What: Picnic in a Park

When: 3-9 p.m. Oct. 5

Where: Forsyth Park

Cost: Free

Info: www.savannahphilharmonic.org



3 p.m. Picnic competition registration during Parker’s tent

3:45 p.m. Windsor Forest Drumline

4 p.m. Johnson High School Chorus

4:45 p.m. Savannah Arts Academy Orchestra

5 p.m. Picnic competition judging begins

5:30 p.m. Equinox Jazz Quintet

7 p.m. Welcome

7:10 p.m. Savannah Philharmonic concert

7:55 p.m. Contest winners announced

8:15 p.m. Savannah Philharmonic unison continues

9 p.m. Concert ends

The Philharmonic display was renouned with picnickers in 2013.

“We perceived a outrageous response from those that attended, lots of certain feedback and happy to see an band behind behaving in a park,” Pratt says.

Held in and with National Arts and Humanities Month, a cruise is sponsored by a city of Savannah and a presenting sponsor, Parker’s Corp. It is partial of a Philharmonic’s village overdo program.

As many as 20,000 people are approaching to spin out for a picnic. Entrants can pattern a cruise widespread desirous by a thesis of a evening, and are authorised to win prizes.

This year, Parker’s is both a presenting unite and cruise competition host.

“Each year has helped us continue a expansion of a whole eventuality to aloft attendance, tip tier luminary judges, constrained calm and clever music, all of that creates this year’s Picnic in a Park totally unique,” Parker’s boss and CEO Greg Parker says.

Parker’s invited a open to collect this year’s theme.

“We are gratified to be hosting a renouned cruise competition for a initial time,” Parker says. “We were really gratified to have perceived over 300 entries by email and amicable media.

“We’re vacant each year by a creativity of picnickers; not usually their cruise spreads, though a engaging costumes that some select to wear,” he says. “Many of a thesis entrants suggested that people wanted a thesis of nostalgia. The regretful thesis selected was a multiple of a series of ideas entered.”

The song that will be presented also reflects a theme.

“There are unconstrained good low-pitched selections that a Philharmonic can choose,” Pratt says.

Peter Shannon, conductor and artistic executive of a Philharmonic, says a initial half of a unison will underline obvious renouned classics, followed by exemplary cocktail song in a second half. Among a songs will be Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare to a Common Man” and dual excerpts from Gustav Holst’s orchestral suite, “The Planets.”

“People will know it some-more from film scores,” Shannon says. “It’s really enterprising and there’s something in it that will interest to everyone.

“It’s not quite a high-brow program,” he says. “This is renouned song from a exemplary genre, something that will work good outside.”

The second half of a unison will embody song from a “Star Wars” film “The Empire Strikes Back.”

“Everything in a second half is some-more obvious stuff,” Shannon says. “I’m not going to give all away, though there is going to be a surprise, as well.”

Other performers will embody a Savannah Arts Academy Orchestra and Jeremy Davis and a Equinox Jazz Quintet.

“They’re going to be tough acts to follow,” Shannon says. “But we’re adult to a challenge.”

The unison is fun for members of a orchestra.

“Playing things from a cinema and a cocktail stuff, we don’t mostly get to do that,” Shannon says. “It’s fun to dally in that. Everyone enjoys it and has a bit of fun.

“Looking during ‘Star Wars’ with all these implausible cinema relocating fast and all a spaceships, a measure has to compare that atmosphere. To listen to a song by itself conjures adult images of a film since it’s really well-written and strong.

“It’s a lot of fun to play, really thespian and a melodies are really beautiful,” he says. “Who wouldn’t like that?”

The song also serves another purpose.

“It’s a good possibility to infer exemplary song is not dead,” Shannon says. “It’s a possibility for people in Savannah who don’t get to hear pleasing exemplary song entrance to hear it for free.”


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