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May 5, 2017 - Picnic Time

Picnic Time
May 6–September 17, 2017

May 5, 7–10pm

Museum Angewandte Kunst

Schaumainkai 17

60594 Frankfurt / Main

Tuesday–Sunday 10am–6pm,
Wednesday 10am–8pm

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A cruise in a countryside, “un déjeuner sur l’herbe”… all over a world, people adore to get together and share a dish in a open air. Already a Ancient Greeks enjoyed this pastime, and a invention of a cruise basket in eighteenth-century England noted a arise in standing to a undoubted multitude event.

Picnic Time is a initial vital muster ever clinging to a materialisation of a picnic. From May 6 to Sep 17, 2017, a uncover during a Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt am Main is retracing a mindfulness of dining out of doors by a far-reaching operation of opposite durations and cultures. For instance, what is a inlet of a intemperate picnics during a Henley Royal Regatta in England? How do people cruise on a world’s top mountains? How do they do it in a Middle East and during cherry-blossom deteriorate in Japan? On some-more than a thousand block metres of muster space, countless objects—including cruise utensils of widely incompatible forms, creates and origins—as good as installations, photographs and films bear declare to a abounding farrago of a renouned custom.

People have always consumed dishes out of doors. In a Baroque era, dining in a open atmosphere modernized to turn a favourite summer diversion among a French nobility, and gave arise to a tenure “pique-nique.” Picnicking also achieved good recognition in eighteenth-century England and is still as select as ever there today. Picnickers in a Middle East, on a other hand, are reminded of their winding roots when they leave city and eventuality out to a panorama with their family and friends to prepare and feast in a open air. In Germany, newcomer families continue a custom, regulating a open space and parks for barbecuing and leisure-time activities. The uncover sheds light on chronological and contemporary cruise rituals and objects of Switzerland, Germany, France and a Nordic countries, India, Iran, Mexico and many other countries and regions. 

The cruise process has also found a use in movement art. In 1983, a Nouveau Réaliste Daniel Spoerri invited 100 members of a Paris art stage to a party in a park of Montcel Castle in Jouy-en-Josas, and subsequently had a whole remains—a 40-metre-long table, chairs, dishes, cutlery, bottles, leftover food—buried on a spot. In 2010, this “déjeuner sous l’herbe” was a initial contemporary design ever to be excavated by archaeologists.

The muster also sheds light on some of a some-more surprising manifestations of a cruise culture, for instance a Mexican Día de los Muertos, Day of a Dead. On this occasion, people join their ancestors for a holiday durability several days and culminating in picnics during graveyards. And if we consider that’s weird: during a Napoleonic Wars, a British nobleness took to picnicking during a side of a battlefield.

As a mass event, a cruise can even have an impact on politics. The uncover recalls a Pan-European Picnic hold on a Hungarian-Austrian limit on Aug 19, 1989. Several hundred East German adults took advantage of a conditions to rush to a West—and so played a wilful purpose in a tumble of a Iron Curtain.

The cruise is a tradition practised by people of all amicable strata. It can be a polished protocol or a spontaneous, infrequent gathering. At high multitude events and happy panorama outings alike, a pity of food and splash brings people together and creates a clarity of community. Picnicking en plein atmosphere is renowned by witty leisure from constraint; it can offer decrease and togetherness and infrequently even assistance overcome category boundaries.

Director: Matthias Wagner K
Curator: Dr. Charlotte Trümpler
Curatorial assistance: Leonie Wiegand
Press contact: Dorothee Maas: T +49 69 212 32828 / F +49 69 212 30703 / presse.angewandte-kunst [​at​] stadt-frankfurt.de

source ⦿ http://www.e-flux.com/announcements/92250/picnic-time/

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