Picnic time for teddy bears during Sanctuary

August 23, 2014 - Picnic Time

SANCTUARY is lifting a roof during Sunderland Minster all weekend.

After a successful initial eventuality in May, a food, splash and song festival has returned to a ancestral church.

As good as genuine ale and travel food, visitors can suffer song from a horde of genres, including low south blues, bluegrass, jazz and even a Dolly Parton reverence act.

Among a performers will be North East essence thespian Beth Macari, acoustic jazz contingent Bicycle Thieves, Sunderland cocktail and stone rope Lilliput, and a low south blues band, George Shovlin Radars.

The festival will also see performances from a Jazz Pistols, Scarlet Street and The Futurehead’s frontman, Barry Hyde.

For younger visitors there will be a teddy bears’ cruise using outward of a Alms Houses, nearby a Minster, between 2pm and 3pm on Saturday and Sunday, run by a Minster Minstrels.

The event, open to kids of all ages, includes a teddy bear value hunt and a operation of teddy bear-related activities, along with a giveaway lunch and a Sanctuary goody bag.

Performances will take place from 1pm until midnight currently and tomorrow. Entry is giveaway before 5pm and will cost £3 after that. Children are acquire before 7pm.

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