Picnic time is here again

October 30, 2015 - Picnic Time

Karthika Maasam (November 12 to Dec 11) brings with it a tradition of vana bhojanam, a village lunches and day-long picnics. This portentous month dedicated to Lord Shiva has people behaving pujas during several temples on Monday and Friday and on a full moon day (Pournami), while Sundays are indifferent for revelry.

A month of fasting and feasting, many households declare elders adhering to normal rituals of charity pujas while a younger brigade feasts on a delicacies dished out and stored in a larder.

“This deteriorate of weekend picnics can make enchanting moments happen; family gatherings, merry-making and accessible chaff are a oppulance in a stream stressful times. People are so held adult in their fast-paced lives that members of a family vital underneath same roof have no time for any other; a singular giveaway weekends are possibly spent during selling malls staring during products and strangers or carrying loveless food baked by professionals during food courts,” rues Pallavi M., a B. Tech final year student.

In a past, families would conduct to mango orchards in city suburbs and spend peculiarity time in a path of nature. They would widespread a sweeping underneath a tree, indulge in chaff and bite a fun that would unfold.

“We used to container lots of food and snacks and a full cosmetic set of plates, spoons and eyeglasses and go to a garden where we would play games like Frisbee, censor and find and low-pitched chair. Friendly competitions in singing and dance used to be loads of fun,” reminisces Chandra Rajendran, an aged timer from Ashok Nagar.

A vast series of revellers and usually a few cruise venues was a problem until a lifelike Bhavani Island in stream Krishna was non-stop to a public.

“The island review is a best thing to have happened to Karthika masam revellers as a place offers a immature canopy of serene beauty, an ideal plcae for a normal vana bhojanam,” says Divisional Manager of AP Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) V.V.S. Gangaraju. Large crowds visiting a place also set a money registers of a tourism dialect ringing.

Cashing in on a open mood, a tourism officials make elaborate arrangements and this year is no exception. The APTDC has spruced adult a island review by renovating many of a cottages and replacing some of a aged journey games with new ones like a Burma Bridge, Spider Web and a nation swings.

The lawns have been tidied adult and a pathways demeanour greener. The H2O roller, a12-feet-long cylindrical PVC structure with a ability to accommodate dual or 3 persons inside, that rolls on H2O giving a ‘walk-on-water’ feel to a riders inside, is a highlight. High-rope activities between trees, a climbing wall and vine span techniques- traversing by a tyre structure or a plane ladder and doing a balancing act on a wooden plank, are good fun for kids.

‘Jungle Gym’ is nonetheless another appealing underline that engages immature brave souls in channel obstacles, a novel catwalk, commando crawl, flitting by a hovel and following it adult with a Tarzan swing. Kolatam, mimicry, games and sports and dance will keep a visitors entertained.

“Besides informative programmes by internal artists, we will offer special packages in food. A special vegetarian dish per conduct will cost Rs. 310 that includes boating charges and a plain vegetarian dish will cost Rs. 210,” says K. Sreedhan, Assistant Manager of a island resort.

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