Picnic Times: join us for an al fresco celebration

August 7, 2015 - Picnic Time

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  • We wish to hear your favourite cruise memories, locations, recipes and stories. Email them to itpicnic@irishtimes.com. In no some-more than 300 words, we wish to know about a best cruise we ever had, a places we like to go for picnics and a staples that finish adult in your basket. And send a good-quality sketch if we have one. The leader will accept a two-night mangle for two, and picnic, during a Powerscourt Hotel in Wicklow.


OUR PICNIC blanket has some-more stains than Tracy Emin’s bed. But it’s fine given we’re in a drift of a Irish Museum of Modern Art. We can call it opening art. It’s a board of happy meals.

Welcome to Picnic Times, a special array for a month of August. Every Friday we’re going to hear about a opposite cruise meal, from a ham sandwich and boiled egg kind to a breakfast fry-up, a collect cruise on a plantation and a meal in a box.

I adore picnics. We flapped out a sweeping for a initial time this year during a Imma Summer Rising event. The Cake Cafe’s Michelle Dermody and artist Fiona Hallinan had put together a bindle. A wha’? A bindle: a gold that Huck Finn forms tie on a finish of their hang before attack a road. This bindle had gobstopper-sized pressed olives, a freshest sourdough, hummus, cakes, unsound cheddar, pepperoni and an apple sliced with an orange and afterwards wrapped so a orange extract kept a apple slices from browning. The apple tasted orangey, a orange tasted appley. It was a best cruise ever, given a final best cruise ever.

The tip to a good cruise is get someone else to do all a work. And if we can’t find a cafeteria owners and an artist to curate your picnic, conduct to a food emporium where a good things lives. It’ll cost some-more than from a supermarket, though trust me: you’ll ambience a difference. A cruise is a 3 legged-stool. If we have good bread, correct cheese (or marinated beef or both) and developed fruit, all else is a bonus.


Except, that is, when you’re asked to theatre a cruise with a integrate of hours’ notice on a bustling work day. Could we chuck a convincing cruise in a few hours, they asked? The object was out, though there was no pledge it would hang around for long. A cruise panic ensued. Then we remembered a posh cruise basket underneath a cupboard, bought during an auction some-more than a decade ago. It was furred with dust, and inside were contingency and sods of cutlery packaged into a leather lid straps along with a strange plates and saucers, weirdly only 3 of each. we design a 1960s Ladybird children’s book family of mum, father and blond-haired child in tweed shorts.

It’s a cruise basket from a time of tartan transport rugs and Thermos; one that deserves to be packaged into a foot of a Morris Minor Traveller. So we spotless it up, swung around to my internal marketplace and packaged it with good bread, butter, salt, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, watermelon, cheese and figs. And as we hauled it opposite a weed in a Iveagh Gardens in Dublin, we realised because we’ve never used it. It’s as complicated as a pouch of coal: a basket from slower times, when we pulled adult during a side of a road, non-stop a foot and creaked non-stop a lid.

I even done lemonade. Actually it was only lemon, H2O and packet leaves. “Behave or I’ll make we splash a feign lemonade,” was a threat. We attempted it out and it wasn’t bad. Later we combined shaft sugar, that incited it brownish-red so that it looked like ginger beer, and so it got some ginger to go with a look. And lo my cruise recipe was born.

In a end, even a stressful feign cruise was fun. We wish a subsequent 3 Fridays, when Darina Allen, Tom Keogh and Micheál O’Muircheartaigh share their cruise ideas and memories, will enthuse we to turn a card-carrying basket case. Next week Darina Allen’s chest of sandwiches; and a reader’s cruise tale




The ingredients

  • 100ml lemon extract and pulp
  • 2tbs shaft sugar
  • A half-thumb-size doorknob of base ginger
  • 1 litre fizzy water
  • Optional handful of packet leaves



Grate your ginger as finely as we can (if we solidify a whole base it creates this easier). Heat a lemon juice, sugarine and grated base ginger in a saucepan on a steady, low feverishness until it starts to burble and a sugarine is dissolved. Funnel this syrup into a litre bottle. Then tip adult a ginger and lemon syrup with a litre of fizzy water. Add a packet leaves if we wish to use them. Refrigerate and tip inverted to discharge a pieces before pouring. This will keep in a fridge for about a week, though it’s best dipsomaniac within a integrate of days. Keep it in a fridge and make it a final thing we container into a basket to keep it deliciously cool.

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