Picnic unveils campus, village perks

August 18, 2015 - Picnic Time

For some-more than 30 years, Fort Hays State University has hosted a back-to-school cruise to acquire students and surprise them of campus opportunities and village services.

Large crowds collected during a university’s quad Monday to take advantage of this year’s event.

More than 160 tables and booths prepared participants while highlighting opportunities, providing information and running activities for students of all ages.

“The back-to-school cruise is a initial annual eventuality that starts after classes begin,” pronounced Vince Bowhay, partner executive of a Memorial Union.

“It provides Fort Hays students a eventuality to see all a tyro organizations, internal businesses and other opportunities Hays and Fort Hays has accessible to them,” Bowhay said.

Bowhay explained when students arrive during college, infrequently it’s formidable to know how to turn involved, make friends or find services within a community.

“I consider it’s overwhelming we yield an eventuality that has all that for them in one place,” he said. “It’s a singular time where we can bond a village and a college.”

Representatives from several businesses within a village chatted with students. Participating businesses enclosed clinics, many churches, use groups, restaurants and salons, to name a few.

Amanda Vauple, a personal wellness connoisseur assistant, not usually helped teach passers-by, though speedy them to work adult a sweat.

“We’re perplexing to foster an active campus, so we’re giving divided giveaway Camelbak H2O bottles if people do 15 burpees in 30 seconds,” she said. “It gives us an eventuality to rivet and get to know a students while display them all Fort Hays has to offer.”

University Activities Board President Matt Kaiser helped beam students while they participated in a silt art activity.

“It is one of a mini events, only a small cunning plan students can come by and do in about 5 minutes,” he said.

Kaiser pronounced his counter supposing students with a emblem they could take to their bedrooms and a possibility to turn sensitive about UAB.

“I consider a back-to-school eventuality is awesome,” he said. “It gives everybody a possibility to accommodate so many organizations and figure out where they fit in on campus.”

Freshman roommates Ana Goodlett and Marisa Carman concluded as they pronounced they appreciated a eventuality to turn some-more involved.

“As a freshman, we don’t unequivocally know what’s going on, so this helps we consort with everyone,” Goodlett said.

“I have never listened of some of these clubs, and we substantially never would have if we wouldn’t have come,” Carman said.

Students continued to transition from list to table, shower in a opportunities and services accessible to them. An discretionary grill dish was supposing to tip off a picnic.

“It’s good for a students to know there are a lot of people here to support them and services that will advantage them and urge their lives,” Bowhay said. “It’s easy to censor in your dorm room and not turn really concerned with your college experience, so that clarity of village is really important.”

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