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December 27, 2016 - Picnic Time

“If we go down to a woods today, you’re certain of a large surprise!” – “Teddy Bears’ Picnic,” John Walter Bratton, 1907

While few locals are origination skeleton to sup outdoor in a sub-arctic Sonoma temperatures (and by that we meant mid-60s) these days, thoughts of idle summer evenings picnicking on a Plaza incited hyper-real final week, when incoming Councilmember Amy Harrington gauged a domestic winds – around Facebook, natch – about a due commander module to offer online reservations for cruise tables during city parks.

By a internal reaction, you’d have suspicion a devise was to rezone City Hall as a winery tasting room and sell a surrounding land to Napa developers for a origination of Oxbow West.

“No appreciate you,” was a initial comment. “No, no and no,” was second. “Absolutely no,” followed, with “nuh uh,” “nooooo” and “I contend no!!!”

There were some-more no’s here than in “Nobody But Me” by a Human Beinz. When it came adult during a Dec. 12 Sonoma City Council meeting, city officials fast forsaken a offer during a contention of changes to city fees.

The cruise list offer would’ve authorised allege reservations for a four-hour maximum, and combined a use fee, bringing Sonoma in line with 21st century norms of metropolitan picnic-table law opposite a state. However, a accord was clear, if not wholly unanimous: Sonoma would hang with a attempted and loyal stream complement – carrying a family member hide down early in a morning, bind a cosmetic list cloth to a table, and afterwards lapse home meaningful a list was now “reserved” indefinitely for family and friends to lapse after that dusk for a side-dish potluck. Meanwhile, everybody else is warded off a deserted list for flattering most a whole day so one celebration can representation 3 forms of macaroni salad from 5 to 8 p.m. But, hey, we theory a complement works.

One of a arguments opposite a reservation process has some validity, and it goes like this: Tourist buses, booze shuttles, et al, could haven a list for a afternoon and offer “picnics on a Plaza” as partial of their booze nation itinerary. You can hear it over a wine-train intercom now: “Next, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll interpretation a day of tastings with a relaxing boxed cooking on a ancestral Sonoma Plaza, underneath a shade of a Bear Flag Monument itself.” Believe it; it would happen.

Which means Sonomans would rather dispossess reasonable use of downtown cruise tables to everybody though a earliest-rising grabbers, than see a disproportionate late integrate visiting from Pacific Heights widen out on a Plaza with an overpriced bar sandwich and a cosmetic crater of list wine.

You know there’s a philosophical order when even picnicking comes down to a discuss over tourism.

As it happens, there is supposed “park cruise list etiquette,” according to theparkcatalog.com. One of a site’s remarkable ne’er-do-wells is referred to as a “phantom cruise list saver.”

According to parkcatalog’s picnic-table-etiquette editor, “We’ve all seen a tables that are installed with coolers, towels and bags usually to never have anyone around regulating it. Visitors should not only chuck their things on a public, non-reserved park cruise list and leave for hours during a time, awaiting it to be saved for we when we finally confirm to return.”

source ⦿ http://www.sonomanews.com/opinion/6470109-181/picnics-of-our-discontent

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