Plan invests $24.7M in Michigan distraction projects, land

December 8, 2014 - Picnic Time

An enlargement of a River Raisin National Battlefield in Monroe, an journey park in Oakland County’s Groveland Township and some-more improvements for Belle Isle and dual other parks in Detroit are only a few of a 69 projects removing a immature light from a Natural Resources Trust Fund.

The fund, that gets a income from oil and gas royalties paid to a state, authorized $24.7 million value of growth and merger projects to emanate or enhance recreational opportunities around a state.

The River Raisin plan – a biggest allowance from a account during scarcely $5 million – will squeeze land subsequent to a Battlefield to be used to improved bond a site with a city of Monroe and emanate a Peace Garden, according to Dan Swallow, Director of Economic and Community Development in Monroe.

“We’ve been formulation for this for a prolonged time,” he said. “We wish to tie in a inhabitant park with a community.”

The Battlefield, that was dedicated as a inhabitant park in 2010, commemorates a Battle during Frenchtown during a War of 1812.

In Wayne County, $300,000 is slated for Belle Isle, that a state took over in 2014, to yield dug-out and vessel launches into a Detroit River and Lake Muskoday, walking routes to a launches, cruise sites, parking lot improvements and a restroom building. Two other $300,000 grants will be used to make improvements during a Coleman Young stadium and Dorais Playfield, both in Detroit.

The biggest plan in Oakland County is $2.9 million for a squeeze of land in Groveland Township along I-75, that now houses a integrate of silt mines. The land would be used to rise an journey park, opposite a travel from Groveland Oaks County Park, including: off-road vehicle, towering biking and using trails. In after years, a growth would embody a H2O underline for scuba diving, H2O skiing and arise boarding.

“The prophesy would be potentially some of a silt and silt descent could continue to emanate royalties for DNR, and that income could be used to assistance for a growth of H2O underline during a park,” pronounced Dan Stencil, executive executive of a Oakland County Parks and Recreation Department. “A lot of good things can occur there.”

The Trust Fund Board deliberate 156 applications for $44.7 million in plan growth and land acquisition. The projects are scored formed on a series of criteria, including how many people will have easy entrance to a due growth and how able communities are to yield a internal compare in appropriation or other resources to a project.

This year’s projects reflects a Department of Natural Resources’ joining to formulating a seamless network of trails in a state. One of Gov. Rick Snyder’s priorities in new years is formulating a “Showcase Trail” that will widen from Belle Isle in Detroit, adult by a reduce peninsula, to Ironwood in a U.P. on Michigan’s limit with Wisconsin. The trust account dedicated $2 million in a recommendations this year to continue stuffing in a gaps of that trail.

Since a trust account was started in 1976, some-more than $1 billion has been spent on distraction growth and merger projects. The account has been authorized by electorate a series of times over a years. But there have been catastrophic attempts in new years to cgange how a income is distributed.

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Metro Detroit projects:

Macomb County

  • Huron-Clinton Metropark Authority: $50,000 for reformation of existent vessel launches during Stony Creek. Four permitted piers and 8 new ramps will be built. A floating dug-out and vessel launch will be added.

Oakland County

  • City of Southfield: $280,000 for restoration of Inglenook Park round margin formidable with transposed fencing, backstops and players’ benches, a paved travel for routes from a fields to other park facilities, a new permitted play area, restroom and parking; $99,800 to squeeze 5.9 acres of land subsequent to a 22-acre Horsetail Woods Nature Preserve.

  • Groveland Township: $36,300 for an permitted fishing post on Stewart Lake during Groveland Oaks County Park.

Novi: $385,000 to assistance squeeze a 10-acre parcel of intensity parkland nearby a city’s western boarder.

  • Groveland Township: $2.9 million to buy 314 acres of land in Holly Township opposite a travel from Groveland Oaks in Groveland Township to rise an journey park.

  • Highland Township: $127,800 to squeeze 15 acres of land to enhance a existent Hickory Ridge Pines Park.

Wayne County

  • City of Detroit: $300,000 to ascent tennis, basketball courts and ball diamond, supplement a soccer margin and urge walkways and children’s play area during Coleman Young Playground; $300,000 for growth of a sledding hill, cross-country skiing, sleet shoeing, running, hiking and bike trails during Dorais Playfield; $300,000 for improvements during Belle Isle dug-out and vessel launches, cruise areas, restroom and parking lots.

  • Westland: $200,000 for a boardwalk and route complement that will bond to a Holliday Nature Preserve along a Rouge River.

For a full list of projects opposite a state, go to

2014 Development Project Recommendations

2014 Acquisition Project Recommendations

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