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September 30, 2015 - Picnic Time

click to enlarge Shuck Shack's bivalve preference changes often, yet always facilities something fresh. - DAN PAYTON

  • Dan Payton
  • Shuck Shack’s bivalve preference changes often, yet always facilities something fresh.

It dawned on me that in a two-ish years I’ve worked during a San Antonio Current, I’d nonetheless to examination a new grill by Jason Dady. Umai Mi, Tre Enoteca and even BD Ice House —his corner judgment with a Newman house — were rubbed by freelancers. It was high time we stepped adult to a plate, figuratively and literally.

Dady and mother Crystal non-stop Shuck Shack over Fourth of Jul weekend, and yet a continue competence have been too prohibited for it then, a cooler tumble months will make a unchanging out of anyone that sits on that patio. Bright red foldable tables and chairs fill a deck, while tough, wooden cruise ones are lined adult via a gravelly square — a whole vibe, finish with wait staff in brightly colored fishin’ shirts and load shorts, is casual, cold and relaxing.

A stadium for a kiddos stands as a centerpiece, yet my courtesy after any revisit went immediately to a parking lot. After opening this many eateries, and training from others who competence not have had a foreknowledge to embody a parking lot, Dady and co. given this space with usually adequate spots to keep folks happy. Thanks for not creation me travel around aimlessly, Jason.

What a Shuck Shack does that a other Dady joints don’t indispensably do is underline a bar equally with a food. Call me a lush, yet lately, I’d rather take in a splash or dual and span it with a integrate of unequivocally good snacks. The piña colada (can we get some-more of these on menus ASAP?) done use of opal ice, and was honeyed and balanced. Paired with a kewpie deviled eggs (a juicy Umai Mi leftover), or a crunchy, white cheddar jalapeño cornmeal hush-pups, a cocktails are utterly sessionable. Make things somewhat some-more interactive with a “Cajun boil” whole artichoke and a “limonade” splash done with Deep Eddy lemon vodka, Topo Chico and a orange paleta from El Paraiso. If this splash doesn’t contend Texas, I’m not certain what does.

Of course, a dusk could also be whiled divided over one or dual dozen tender oysters. The marketplace selections change often, so a would-be oyster expert can try bivalves from opposite a U.S. On a new Monday night, a full dozen Gulf oysters separate among 3 was briny, lovely and a light start to a evening.

But it’s time to speak about a elephant (or would it be whale?) in a room — a $40 lobster hurl with beef from a whole tail, dual nails and dual knuckles. Having visited a Shuck Shack 4 times given a Jul opening, we attempted a hurl twice. Once with a organisation of foodies who separate a hurl roughly 5 ways and a second time during that same Monday when we separate a more-reasonably labelled $22 half roll. There is really a marketplace of eaters peaceful to compensate tip dollar for creatively flown sea spiders dressed in uninformed mayo and frail celery. The full hurl has a merits, yet this eater can’t pretty compensate a cost of 4 qualification cocktails for what boils down to a sandwich.

And while that is really most an option, a rest of a menu should transport eaters on a budget. The burger ‘n fixins done with 44 Farms out of Cameron, Texas was delightfully layered with flavors. The fish and chips can’t be missed — the beat is frail and unreal and consistently so. The shrimp hurl employs an alluring reduction of brownish-red butter, sofrito and horseradish aioli to tasty formula — and it’s usually $16.

Though a menu is neat — I’m still operative my approach by it — there’s copiousness some-more to concentration on than one costly item. The clam chowder à la notation should be on your list, as should a oystah’ chowdah’ — an East Coast classical that’ll comfortable naval skeleton come winter.

With lunch use yet a few weeks old, a Shuck Shack is already saying a healthy mid-day crowd. Get in there — flip flops are optional.

Shuck Shack

520 E Grayson, (210) 236-7422,

Skinny: Casual and beachy, Jason Dady’s latest try is a laid-back hang with good food and patio-pounding cocktails.

Best Bets: fish and chips, shrimp roll, burger, both chowdahs, oysters on a half shell.

Hours: 11am-10pm Mon-Thu, 11am-11pm Fri-Sat, 11am-9pm Sun

Price: $5-$40; $1.65-$2.75 for oysters

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