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July 16, 2016 - Picnic Time

Unless you’re vital underneath a rock, you’ve listened a hum about Pokemon Go, a gaming app that sends players into a genuine universe in hunt of a game’s eponymous creatures. Which may, actually, be vital underneath a rock. 

If we weren’t a child in a late ‘90s, a cocktail enlightenment doctrine is in order. Pokemon — a portmanteau for “pocket monsters” — are creatures that players find out to catch, sight and send into battle. The app uses GPS-enabled program to stock a map with Pokemon, who cocktail adult on your phone shade when we strech a right area. (For example, we competence mark and locate a steep Pokemon nearby a stream or lake.) 

The in-game map also records points of interests called “Pokestops,” where players can collect adult supplies, and “gyms,” where one player’s Pokemon can conflict another’s. 

What, urge tell, does any of this have to do with food?

Well, many restaurants, cafes, bars and even grocery stores are remarkable Pokestops and gyms — which, of course, attracts players. Sensing an opportunity, some businesses are even holding it a step further, environment “lures” (think of them as proxy Pokemon bait; many final 30 mins an cost reduction than $1 to set) to attract desirable Pokemon. If a mark becomes famous as a sport belligerent for singular Pokemon — Pikachu, Dratini and Snorlax, to name a few — gamers signal-boost a plcae by amicable media, moving hundreds or even thousands of other trainers to stop by and get in on a action. (More than 8,000 people have RSVPed to the initial Chicago meet-up of trainers, scheduled on Sunday in Millennium Park.)

Here are a few spots we can get it on a action:

Emporium (2363 N. Milwaukee Ave.), a gamer-friendly bar and arcade in Logan Square, is hosting an eventuality on Sunday from 6 to 11 p.m., interesting Pokemon trainers to take advantage of 3 accessible Pokestops, that will be mutated with lures all night. A charging hire is adult for grabs for quite desirous players.

Fatso’s (6035 95th St., Oak Lawn) posted to amicable media this week that’s it is a Pokestop, and players responded. “We’ve had lots of people entrance in this week, lots of families,” ubiquitous manager Felicia Vithoulkas told a Tribune. “They come in to check out a Pokestop, squeeze an ice cream and play awhile before going on a Pokemon hunt.” Vithoulkas pronounced that Fatso’s is deliberation offers and discounts to players in a future. “It’s a family game, and we’d like to inspire that,” she said. 

On a city’s Northwest side, Eli’s Cheesecake’s Café (6701 West Forest Preserve Drive) offers giveaway slices of cheesecakes to players who uncover associates that they’ve checked into a Pokestop. “People come in and stay a while to eat their cake and play,” pronounced café associate Zurielis Chajon. “We’ll substantially keep charity [cheesecake] as prolonged as a diversion has hype.”

In a Loop, acclaimed cheese emporium Pastoral is upgrading a cruise food offerings for Pokemon Go players. This weekend, in time for a Millennium Park meet-up, a cheesemonger’s Loop plcae (53 E. Lake St.) is charity discounts trimming from 10 to 20 percent formed on a player’s Pokedex —a player’s database of all a creatures he or she has collected.

River North’s Godfrey Hotel (127 W. Huron St.) is hosting a PokeParty on Saturday (1-5 p.m.) during a 4th building patio bar. The bar will unite lures, and cook Nate Cayer also crafted a special cocktail dubbed a PokePotion, a Squirtle-blue vodka booze done with pineapple, strawberry and lychee purees and black tea, cold with a red-and-white Pokeball ice sphere. 

Another hotel bar, Aire during a Hyatt Centric (100 W. Monroe St.), is charity a Pikachu, a splash desirous by a game’s heading mascot. Made with orange juice, grenadine, Absolut vodka and Red Bull, it is bedecked with dual cherries that impersonate a electric Pokemon’s signature cheeks. As of this reporting, a bar hasn’t motionless to set lures for players, though that is theme to change. 

For those who haven’t played a game, it seems childish — you’re indicating a phone during self-existent creatures and perplexing to constraint them, instead of say, examination where we step. But with millions of downloads and users surpassing that of vital amicable media apps, Pokemon Go’s recognition is usually on a rise. It creates clarity to support to a intent fanbase.

“We’re removing new people to check us out,” pronounced Vithoulkas. “They’re carrying fun, sitting with their burger in one palm and phone in a other. It’s great.”

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