Police: 7 people strike by suspected dipsomaniac driver

October 25, 2015 - Picnic Time

DOVER, Del. –

Dover Police are questioning after 7 people were reportedly strike by a suspected dipsomaniac motorist on Saturday evening.

According to police, a pile-up happened on Delaware State University’s campus around 7:30 p.m. An review suggested Mitchellville male Gregory Ligon, 28, was pushing nearby a area of a companionship picnic.

Police tell 47ABC Ligon attempted to park his automobile and exit, though he apparently forgot a automobile was still in reverse. We’re told Ligon fast entered a driver’s chair to stop a automobile and pushed a gas pedal instead of a break, causing a automobile to accelerate over a quell and opposite a grassy area full of people. The driver-side doorway was open, according to police.

Authorities contend a many vicious of a injuries occurred when a motorist doorway struck a 21-year-old lady and pinned her opposite a tree. 

She was reportedly flown to Christiana Hospital with vital injuries. Police contend she suffered a damaged back, ribs and postulated mixed inner injuries. She is now listed underneath vicious condition.

The second plant is a 51-year-old Philadelphia male who was treated for shoulder and leg injuries during Bayhealth Kent General.

The third plant is a 20-year-old New Jersey lady who was treated for a feet damage during Bayhealth Kent General.

The fourth plant is a 21-year-old Wilmington woman, who was treated for a palm damage during Bayhealth Kent General.

The fifth victim, a 21-year-old Dover man, was treated for a leg damage during Bayhealth Kent General.

The sixth plant is a 21-year-old Upper Marlboro lady who was treated for a feet damage during Bayhealth Kent General.

The seventh victim, a 22-year-old Brooklyn woman, was reportedly treated for a feet damage during Bayhealth Kent General.

Police contend Ligon’s automobile continued to transport as a motorist doorway pennyless off, until it struck another tree and came to a stop.  Ligon was eventually private from a automobile by several bystanders. 

According to military reports, Ligon was found to be underneath a change of ethanol during a time of a crash. He is approaching to be charged with 1st grade vehicular assault, 6 depends of 2nd grade vehicular assault, a DUI, and no explanation of insurance.

The review into a pile-up is being led by a Dover Police Department, with assistance from Delaware State University Police. 

As a outcome of a incident, Delaware State University canceled all on-campus homecoming activities for a residue of a dusk on Saturday.

source ⦿ http://www.wmdt.com/news/more-local-news/police-7-people-hit-by-suspected-drunk-driver/36038588

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