Price focused on Tigers, not contract

March 9, 2015 - Picnic Time

David Price

LAKELAND, Fla. — David Price is informed with his contract. And he’s informed with how to flip months on a calendar. So, yeah, he has beheld that he’s 8 months divided from giveaway agency.

But if that’s something that America’s many systematic media minds feel we need to ask him about any 10 minutes, that’s a issue, not his.

“Honestly, we haven’t put a whole lot of suspicion to [free agency],” Price pronounced this week, disposition absolutely on a journey list outward a Tigers’ hall during Joker Marchant Stadium. “If it happens, I’m excellent with it. But we don’t put suspicion to it on a day-to-day basis. we don’t consider about it before we go to bed. we don’t consider about it when we arise up. we don’t consider about it when I’m pushing to a field.”

No, he thinks about it when there’s someone with a camera or a microphone or a coop or a cover around seeking him about it, since worrying about imminent giveaway group is what we do. It’s not what he does.

Ask Price if he has listened a large news that there are a half-dozen other ace-type starters streamer for giveaway group subsequent fall, and he deadpans: “I know a integrate of them, we guess.”

Ask him if he was profitable courtesy this winter to a peculiar free-agent journeys of his former teammates, Max Scherzer and James Shields, and it’s transparent he was — though some-more since of his loyalty with Shields in sold than out of a enterprise to do a systematic research of since it took these guys so prolonged to find a team.

“I theory a man we talked to a many via a routine would have been James Shields,” Price said. “And he pronounced it was a unequivocally tough time for him. It wasn’t all that maybe it was hyped adult to be. I’m certain some guys adore a experience. But a knowledge is going to be opposite for any guy. we consider it’s something that we wish to be means to enjoy. You wish to have fun with it.

“But honestly,” he pronounced again, in box this wasn’t already clear, “I haven’t put a whole lot of suspicion to it.”

And we know what? We should indeed take him during his word on this, since in truth, Price has lived by dual stretches during his ball career that were most some-more worried than a free-agent travel year.

The initial began scarcely a decade ago, during his sophomore year during Vanderbilt. He’d already been projected as a initial collect in a 2007 draft. So any group in North America was examination any representation he threw during a subsequent dual seasons with a Commodores. And all Price did was set propagandize strikeout annals in back-to-back seasons; win a Golden Spikes, Dick Howser and college player-of-the-year awards; and get drafted No. 1, forward of a likes of  Matt Wieters, Mike Moustakas and Madison Bumgarner.

Price’s coping resource for all of that vigour was “to only totally douse myself in my teammates,” he said. “All we cared about was Vanderbilt winning. And that’s unequivocally all we caring about now. we wish to win. we wish a group to win. … we wish to be a best teammate we can be. If we can only control what we can control, we feel like good things will occur to we out there on that mound.”

But even that knowledge during Vanderbilt was a Caribbean journey compared to what Price dealt with in his final dual seasons in Tampa Bay.

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