Putnam students take hands-on proceed to trade work (video)

May 4, 2015 - Picnic Time

The consistent sound of whirring buzzsaws and a yellow bang box grating “Uma Thurman” by Fall Out Boy competence be distracting for some, yet ask any carpentry tyro during a Putnam Career and Technical Center and they’ll tell we their seminar is as many a classroom as those found in a normal high school.

While a 5,000-square-foot seminar with dust retard walls, unprotected atmosphere ducts and concrete floors veneered with a skinny covering of sawdust definitely doesn’t demeanour like a classroom, Kevin Childers, a center’s carpentry instructor, pronounced all students do underneath his organisation has educational value.

“These are life skills they’re learning,” he said, adding that many of a students who come by a module aren’t meddlesome in posterior a normal college grade and opt instead to attend a trade propagandize or take on an tutelage after graduating.

The module accepts Putnam County juniors and seniors who spend half of any propagandize day during a center, that also offers courses in electrical, plumbing and welding technology, grill management, several medical fields and information technology. Being means to attend a career core gives them a same opportunities as Advanced Placement students by vouchsafing them benefit knowledge while still in high school.

During a march of their studies, students learn simple carpentry, that Childers pronounced involves a lot of simple math.

“You can’t apart carpentry from math,” he said.

From there, students go on to modernized construction where they learn to build a residence from a belligerent up.

As for a operation of seductiveness in carpentry, Childers pronounced some students wish to make it a trade while others only wish to learn to be self sufficient. Either way, Childers pronounced a tyro who completes both years can leave high propagandize and neophyte with a carpenter where they can make $10 to $12 an hour. Depending on if they make it a full-time career and either or not they join a union, students can design to acquire between $15 and $28 an hour.

While a infancy of his students are male, it’s not odd for a lady to enroll in a class.

“We have 3 this year,” Childers said, adding that some-more girls are expressing seductiveness in carpentry. He pronounced it’s expected due to male-female pursuit distinctions apropos a thing of a past.

Michaela Lewis, a 16-year-old Buffalo High junior, is about to finish her initial year in a module and already skeleton to be behind for a second. At a moment, she wants to take a carpentry pursuit after high school.

That wasn’t her initial choice though.

“Carpentry is my second option,” she said.

When asked what her initial had been, Lewis pronounced she always wanted to be a State Police trooper.

While she says she competence still turn a military officer, carpentry is what truly interests her.

“I like saying something come together,” she said, adding that examination a devise swell from devise to finished product “fascinates” her. She has enjoyed carpentry given she helped her father and grandfather build their home.

While she’s excelled, improving in math as a division has progressed, a category hasn’t been easy.

“I’ve schooled there is some-more to building things than people think,” she said. “If your measurements are off, you’ll get walls out of fixing and a whole devise could be ruined.”

Lewis has seen that initial palm as she and her 25 classmates have built several application buildings and 100 cruise tables, that they are offered to lift supports for a outing to a inhabitant Skills USA foe in Louisville, Ky.

The annual fundraiser is a vital partial of a class. Tables are sole for $100.

The initial year a category motionless to sell tables, they went with 50.

“Then we sole 60 a subsequent year,” Childers said. “We got dauntless this year and did 100.”

Whether by saying a towers of tables when pushing down a highway or conference about them by amicable media, a open have responded positively. Childers anticipates all tables will be sold, yet he pronounced he didn’t consider that would occur during first.

“We suspicion we flooded a marketplace after a initial dual years,” he said. “But people keep entrance back.”

Many customers, like Garland Bailey, have purchased tables in bulk. Bailey, executive of a Poca River Hunting and Fishing Club, bought 10 tables on Friday.

At $100 a table, Bailey pronounced he is means to debonair adult his club’s cruise areas for a reasonable price.

“It’s a excellent understanding for us,” he said, adding that he’d be tender if anyone could build a list for less.

“By a time we get materials, you’re already during $150,” he said.

He isn’t held adult on a cost though.

“This helps them (the students) out, too,” Bailey said.

While offered tables is financially beneficial, Childers pronounced a devise is not but educational purpose. He pronounced offered tables they make offers students a real-world instance of how to marketplace one’s work.

Childers pronounced those meddlesome in purchasing a list or building can hit a Putnam Career and Technical Center.

While he admits he’s a small inequitable toward his students, Childers pronounced that kids who come by a Putnam Career and Technical Center are some of a many prepared when entering a workforce after high school.

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