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January 14, 2018 - Picnic Time

This week a Observer visited a home of Dallas DJ, writer and visit Erykah Badu co-operator Richard “Picnic” Escobedo. In between all a critical questions about his start in music, attribute with Badu and a start of his nickname, we found time to ask him a few fun ones. Once you’ve read a full profile, check out this QA to learn about Escobedo’s phobias and affinity for wrestling.

Dallas Observer: What’s a biggest time waster that we indulge in?
Escobedo: we substantially spend too many time on Netflix perplexing to figure out what a ruin I’m gonna watch.

What do we binge watch?
There’s a new uncover about toys, The Toys That Made Us. It’s so dope.

What was your favorite toy?
G.I Joe. I’m watchful to get to that [episode]. we used to collect them as a kid, and we still have some in my studio. we used to have approach some-more though we had a large glow 7 years ago.

A tiny preference from Escobedo's fondle collectionEXPAND

Do we have any phobias?
Rats and mice. I’m like a true adult dog when it comes to that. To be honest, it’s substantially a bigger reason because we got her [his dog]. It’s an comparison residence and we would get them in a kitchen and we was so fucking shocked and we couldn’t keep them out.

Tell us a fun fact about your family.
I have a cousin named Mario who has been totally blind given he was born, and if it wasn’t for him and his clarity of sound … He’s one year comparison than me and we would learn him and explain to him what things looked like.

I would always try to hear what he listened and see a universe like he’d see it, and tighten my eyes. And we cruise that’s kind of where we got my penetrating clarity of sound. He would play Mortal Kombat and kick everybody, he taught me that each transformation creates a opposite sound. Now he has a mariachi rope in San Antonio.

What’s your oddest habit?
I’m really, really, unequivocally into veteran wrestling. And that’s peculiar to many people. [Points to a T-shirt he’s wearing]. This is a wrestling shirt actually. I’ve been into it given we was a child and literally never grew out of it. Every Monday night I’m examination it.

But only a viewer?
(Laughs) Yeah, I’ve never attempted to combat or anything, we only like it.

Do we trust it’s real?
It’s not real; I’m not one if those guys. But it unequivocally is entertaining. I’m some-more a fan of a spectacle.

What’s your biggest pet peeve on amicable media?
I know this is unequivocally strange, though I’m a singular man and it’s a super pet peeve whenever women that are kinda like putting themselves out there and they have kids, though we never see cinema with their kids, that shit is fucked adult to me. It’s like yo, we have kids. we mean, if we have something in your life that you’re holding caring of … You put cinema of your disruption though not with your kids.

Tell us a final strain we looked up, generally if it’s embarrassing.
The John Cena thesis song. He’s a wrestler. we was during this Pho place and on a receipt a server put his name as “John Cena” so we suspicion that was weird. So we asked him if that was his name and afterwards we searched it.

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What were we like in high school?
I was a drummer so my life was like, whenever that film Drumline came out with Nick Cannon, that came after we was in high propagandize though we wish it didn’t ‘cause that was like me. we was spooky with it, we walked around propagandize with my drum sticks. we was cold adequate for a cold kids though also nerdy adequate for a rope kids. we like to cruise we was flattering cool. It was a tiny town. It’s not tough to be cold out there.

Which illusory impression would we be if we could?
Probably Willy Wonka. Who wouldn’t wish Willy Wonka’s life? Rich, candy, yeah… we like a aged movie. we watched it again as an adult and we saw all a dark messages.

Escobedo is flattering unapproachable of his wrestling shirt.EXPAND

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