QC considers sound ordinance

April 19, 2017 - Picnic Time

The unchanging sequence of Quorum Court business final Thursday dusk was short. County Judge Jerry Holmes asked for a news from a Employee Handbook Committee chaired by Chad Evans (R-District 6). Evans settled that a Association of Arkansas Counties (AAC) were assembly on Saturday and that there were a integrate of things about that a cabinet indispensable a AAC’s input. Until he met with them in Little Rock Saturday, he wouldn’t have anything new to report.

The usually unprepared business on a bulletin endangered a county website. The website hasn’t been updated in dual years and is owned by an outward person. The QC is classification out how to acquire a website and a county run it so that it can be updated on a some-more unchanging basis. Until this information is improved understood, a QC had no fortitude to benefaction during this meeting.

Sam Henegar (R-District 2), sponsored an bidding to rectify a Circuit Clerk’s worker income bill by an boost of $375 for mercantile year 2017. There was a full-time position in a Circuit Clerk’s bureau that was filled before to Jan 2017 and that chairman was authorised to accept a full customary $750 annual raise. When a 2017 bill was approved, usually a $375 annual lift was allotted for a empty position. The boost altered a worker income bill in a clerk’s bureau from $151,664.48 to $152,039.48.

It was announced by a County Prosecutor’s Office that a cruise will by sponsored by a Drug Court in Spring Park to be hold on May 27, a Memorial Day weekend. The time for a cruise will be 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Judge Holmes announced that a County Wide Clean Up Day had been changed to Apr 22nd to coincide with Earth Day.

During Public Comments, Hugh Graves, a proprietor of Tumbling Shoals, asked to be famous by a QC. Graves settled that a adults vital along Highway 5 were sleepy of traffic with a Jake stop sound caused from water, sand, logging and other vast trucks. Tumbling Shoals is an unincorporated city and underneath state law can’t pass sound bidding prohibiting Jake brakes.

Steve Choate (I-District 9), asked Graves if these trucks were braking on inclines or curves in a road.

“There’s a territory from Centennal Street to a song place only south of a post bureau that’s a flat, true way. There are no curves or inclines in that territory creation it nonessential for Jake brakes to be practical by a lorry drivers,” responded Graves.

“If we remember correctly, we don’t consider a county can pass a sound bidding for a state highway,” forked out Alan Malone (R-District 5) to a QC members. “We deliberate this before for another sound emanate on a state highway. we consider all we can do is pass a fortitude and it be sent to a state and they take it from there.”

Graves settled that he had talked to a state highway dialect and they told him that a county would have to do something. Drew Smith, County Attorney, pronounced he would investigate a emanate and news behind his commentary to a QC. The assembly was afterwards adjourned.

source ⦿ http://www.hsvvoice.com/news/20170419/qc-considers-noise-ordinance

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