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February 28, 2017 - Picnic Time

To applaud a 10th anniversary of The Roots Picnic, a festival curated by a Philadelphia common and their longtime manager, Shawn Gee, headliners Pharrell, Lil Wayne and Solange will take over a City of Brotherly Love. After rising a New York City reflection final tumble in Bryant Park, a Picnic will lapse to its, well, roots during a Festival Pier during Penn’s Landing in Philly on Saturday (June 3).

“I feel like a Roots Picnic code has developed into one of a many convincing festivals, in that we started as a grassroots movement, and built adult sponsorships and faithfulness among performers and fans over time,” organisation frontman Black Thought recently told Billboard. “It speaks to a strength of a code and a aberration of a code that we’re still around 10 years later, and still strong.”

He adds, “I feel like it’s a code that will continue to grow since it’s something that we really closely curate and it’s a perfected routine of joining to a artists, the lineup and a sequence in that everyone’s going to perform, that songs they’re going to do with The Roots. We take partial in each step along a approach and we feel like that’s a outrageous difference.” 

The Roots aim to piece together a singular lineup that doesn’t get mislaid in a trifle of festival season. Beyond their headlining acts, names like 21 Savage, Kimbra, Khalid, PNB Rock and NoName are also in a mix. Securing Pharrell as a performer, though, was a sold source of pride, according to Roots drummer Questlove, who says a engagement has been 4 years in a making.

“Every time Pharrell’s been available, something’s happened during a final notation and he had to ixnay it,” admits Quest. The inclusive hitmaker’s spot on a bill, however, will concede a Roots to take opposite routes with his set. “Pharrell has such an expanded catalog. There’s like 240-plus songs to select from. We’re traffic with a 90-minute set so we’re articulate about 14 to 15 songs,” continues Quest. “I’m perplexing to figure out if we wish to take the mixtape route or only concentration on the Pharrell songs alone, or call adult some of his friends to come and cameo with him.”

Tapping Lil Wayne, whose album Tha Carter V still stays nowhere to be found, was another large get for a Picnic. Beyond permitting a New Orleans rapper to stone a theatre with his common collection of hits, The Roots wanted “Mixtape Weezy.”

“I feel like Philadelphia loves Lil Wayne,” says Black Thought. “Over a years, he’s always been in a using as an artist that we should book though it was like, again, we had to do something that ties with The Roots brand. We had to come adult with an strange judgment that we feel like we did, that is to have him come and perform as “Mixtape Weezy” and perform all of his mixtape hits that are equally as iconic and classical and loved. It will be a initial place we ever see Wayne do that form of opening where we don’t have him come and do his Billboard hits — no joke intended.” 

Holding it down for a women is Grammy Award leader Solange — already a Roots Picnic alum, though one who cumulative aloft billing this time out following a success of her album A Seat during a Table. Teases Quest: “I wish to see what Solange pulls off. we know she wants to do a really one-off, singular presentation, distinct her unchanging show.” 

Despite a large names and different array of performers, a idea for a one-day song fest stays to emanate a once-in-a-lifetime knowledge for Picnic-goers. “We try to get people who aren’t behaving during other festivals, initial and foremost. And if it is an artist that does a circuit, we wish to get them represented in a super-unique light,” says Black Thought. “You can go to each festival and you’ll see a same people time and time again, though you’re not gonna see them in a same ability that they’ll be behaving during a Roots picnic.”

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