Railroaded by Virgin Trains into shopping another sheet … afterwards refused a refund

April 2, 2016 - Picnic Time

In Jan we renewed my comparison railcard in chairman during Wolverhampton station. At a same time we asked a engagement clerk for information about transport on Virgin Trains to Newark Castle dual days later. He printed out depart information for a scold date and released me a lapse sheet as requested. But we did not notice, as we paid for both a railcard and a ticket, that a latter was poorly dated.

On a sight to Newark, a sheet examiner forked out that my sheet was shabby and told me we had to buy another there and then, that we did. When we went behind to a engagement bureau for a refund, my ask was refused as we was incompetent to uncover a deputy tickets released on a train, nonetheless we had a receipt for a remuneration of £25.35 we finished with my bank card.

I suspicion this was really unfair, so wrote to Sir Richard Branson during his personal business residence in London (I could not find a postal residence for Virgin Trains), and sent a applicable papers and tickets underneath available delivery, that cost me an additional £6.

Two months after we have not perceived an acknowledgment or response. we frequently transport on Virgin Trains and have always found a use and a staff really useful and courteous, that means we feel quite disappointed. SP, Wolverhampton

Well finished for posterior this with such persistence and patience. We didn’t know because your remuneration receipt was not deliberate excusable for a reinstate (given that it available a timing of a transaction, too) and clearly this is not Virgin Trains’ central policy.

But it did act as quick as one of a high-speed trains to apologize after we sent it sum of your complaint, also earnest a full reinstate and even a food bushel as recompense.

It said: “We honour ourselves on good patron use though clearly didn’t get it right in this case. We’ve sent SP a minute of reparation along with a coupon to cover a cost of his additional sheet and postage, and a epicurean bushel to enjoy.

“We have also fed behind to a group during Wolverhampton hire to make certain we learn from this experience.”

We wish we are a fan of epicurean food – maybe it will come in useful for a cruise on a train.

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source ⦿ http://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/apr/02/virgin-trains-ticket-refused-refund-proof-of-payment

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