Recipe for a Perfect Picnic

November 14, 2015 - Picnic Time


Living adult to a standards in my book, 21 Ways to Live a Fulfilled Life According to a 21 Year Old, we motionless to devise a regretful cruise cooking for my beloved and me. It was such a ideal date. Here’s my recipe:

What we need:

A Scenic Location

A companion, someone we love, or a good book!

Basket and Basket Cover (checkered or striped tablecloth)

Soft Blanket

Locally Baked Baguette


Locally Baked Dessert




Cute clear or or potion bottles


Fresh Picked Flowers


Step 1: Choose your companion.

This step is many critical since it will assistance we confirm where to have your picnic, what to bring, and what time of day is best. Picnics have a light cognisance yet that does not indicate that they have to be romantic! Having a cruise can be something we do with a friend, or a book, or even yourself! If we unequivocally wish to live life on a edge, entice someone we aren’t tighten to yet wish to get to know. Picnics are such good ways to share moments.

Step 2: Choose a plcae to have your picnic.

This doesn’t have to be a park (though as I’ll discuss later, gardens are my favorite kinds of location). Rooftops can be unequivocally scenic and if we have something, like a tree house, during your disposal, all a some-more energy to you!

Step 3: Spend a day scheming your picnic!

On a day that we designed a cruise for my beloved and I, we motionless to make a ‘me’ date out of it. we visited several bakeries and florists so that we was selecting a best candy for a picnic. we took my time perplexing out opposite cakes and picking a booze we would drink. we even had a lovable lunch by myself as we designed how we would ready a basket. Planning a cruise can be only as beguiling as carrying one.

Step 4: Prepare your basket.

I will not give a regulation for what’s a best approach to do this is. we wanted my candy and treats to look out of my basket so that my beloved was intrigued when he saw it. However, we can do things as we please. The many apparent advice, of course, is make certain we aren’t putting complicated objects on tip of lighter objects. Besides that though, a approach we ready your basket is all adult to you!

Step 5: Have your Picnic.

Will we play music? Will we eat dessert before a meal? Will we lay and count a clouds as we finish your wine? Go have your picnic! Also, enjoy!

A Few Tips

Buy a same day we devise on carrying a picnic. Most bakeries and patisseries bake their products in a morning. Take advantage of a mutation of your products and don’t leave it for a week later!

Check a Weather. It was raining as we was selling and on my approach home we was dreading my miss of planning! Luckily, a object came out only in time for dinner!

The dish can be whatever we want. I chose sandwiches with french bread and booze since it’s simple, yet still a small fancy. There are no rules.

Gardens, Gardens, Gardens. As shown in a pictures, a perspective during a cruise was amazing. Luckily, we have a tip garden that’s dark divided from a city and has a perspective of a mountain, as good as a lake. Gardens are so ideal for picnics!

Put your phone down. After we snap those pics, put that phone divided and suffer your food!





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