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November 26, 2016 - Picnic Time

November in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia brings shorter days, cooler weather, Thanksgiving, fry turkey with oyster sauce — and a St. Johns Riverkeeper Annual Oyster Roast.

There is something about this time of year that creates me consider of oysters. Oysters are one of those puzzling dishes we possibly adore or hate. Seems like people find a oyster pleasing and tasty, or nauseous and disgusting. we consider a initial chairman who ate an oyster was both dauntless and unequivocally hungry. Of course, all mollusks are edible, even if not appetizing to each palate.

Growing adult nearby a Chesapeake Bay meant we schooled early on that we usually eat oysters in months with an “r” in them. The renouned parable was that they were unwholesome during a summer. Later, we detected that it wasn’t that they were poisonous though that they were reproducing. Oysters build adult a appetite to make eggs and spermatazoa in a winter months (those with an “r” in them) and afterwards recover those eggs and spermatazoa during a open and summer (months but an “r” in them), that means that a oyster becomes unequivocally skinny and watery. Not unequivocally appetizing.

However, when they are fat and happy, contend along about late Nov or December, they are a sweetest and juiciest. This is due to a buildup of a integrate of chemical compounds: glycogen and glycine. Glycogen is a prolonged sequence of glucose molecules (think sugar) and glycine is an amino poison that tastes honeyed to a ambience buds.

Oysters are unequivocally effective filter feeders and mislay a good understanding of element from a water. For this reason, they have come to designate clean, healthy water. It is many suitable for a St. Johns Riverkeeper to have an oyster fry as a fundraiser. Regretfully, we can't now collect oysters from Duval County waters.

Some of my fondest memories of a tumble come from family oyster roasts. We had an outside section grate with a griddle that we could reinstate with a steel plate. Early in a afternoon, we would build a glow in a array and let it bake down to a unequivocally prohibited bed of coals. As kids, we knew we were gaining station when we were authorised to supplement timber to a pit. This routine would take hours and concerned a lot of station around, articulate and personification locate with a unavoidable football that was always present. If we had a dollar for each time my mom or aunt would yell, “Boys, watch out for a fire!” we competence be rich.

Finally, a oysters would be widespread on a steel image and lonesome with a burlap sack. Some H2O competence be poured on them, formulating a sizzling obscurity of steam. After a few minutes, folks would accumulate turn a cruise list lonesome in newspapers with shovels full of oysters dumped in a middle.

There we could eat to a hearts’ content.

The many cherished place to eat your oysters was right from a grill. As they were shoveled from a griddle to a table, a raise would be pushed forward, where a senior-most people would get their oysters and strip them right by a fire. You could collect how “done” we wanted your oyster by where in a griddle we took it. The serve back, a some-more tender or reduction baked a oyster would be. It was a scholarship to get a oyster from accurately a right spot, with a accurate grade of bubbling we wanted.

And we knew we had unequivocally arrived when we finally got your place during a grill.

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