Russian Daredevils Picnic and Wakeboard on Drifting Ice Along River

April 3, 2018 - Picnic Time

“They contend we’re environment a bad instance for immature people. That’s true,” Korzhenevsky said in a video blog. 

“But during a same time, some videos desirous me to take adult sports, tourism and other activities,” he said, warning viewers not to repeat their trick.

Drone footage showed a cube of ice with people a distance of ants roaming on before bursting off and floating down a river. The retard withstood a weight of a expel iron bath, though burst into several tools after a wakeboard crashed into it, a blogger said.

“We were means to comprehend roughly all we had planned,” a blogger said, before observant that a organisation did not have adequate time to feverishness adult a handcrafted bathhouse on a retard of ice.

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