Sacramento male denies snatching child during church

March 25, 2015 - Picnic Time

SACRAMENTO — A male who military contend snatched a child from a parking lot of a Sacramento church insists he’s not a predator, only misunderstood, reports CBS Sacramento.

Parents during Calvary Christian Center contend they watched in fear as Paul Nelson grabbed dual children in extended illumination Saturday during a church picnic. Several relatives chased Nelson and wrestled him to a ground. But in a jailhouse talk with CBS Sacramento, Nelson denied a allegations.

“Grabbed kids and ran by a parking lot? we never did anything like that in my life. we never ran with anybody’s kids. Period,” he said. “I’m a child-loving person.”

He certified that he did collect adult a 2-year-old child but a mom’s permission. He says he played with several children he didn’t know.

“I picked him up. Its a church. It’s a amatory place we know. Kids there carrying a good time. Trying to make them grin that’s it,” he said.

Parishioners contend when Nelson was confronted about doing a kids, he took off running, grabbing a 5-year-old child along a way. Church member Sonya Harris pronounced relatives had to examine a child giveaway from Nelson’s grasp.

“They were perplexing to get him as he was using and he had a throttle reason on a boy’s neck,” pronounced Harris.

Nelson pronounced he was astounded when a relatives gave chase.

“I don’t know what a large understanding was,” he said.

Nelson’s bail is set during $2 million. He faces abduction charges.

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