Scott Baio On ‘GMA’: Denies Sexual Molestation Allegations, Says ‘Charles In Charge’ Set “Was Like A Picnic Everyday”

January 31, 2018 - Picnic Time

Scott Baio, appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America today, again denied carrying sex with actress Nicole Eggert when his former Charles in Charge co-star was underneath 18 years of age. Describing a set of a 1980s sitcom as a happy, swarming place – “like a cruise everyday” – Baio steady progressing claims finished on Facebook Live that he was never alone with his younger castmate and that their usually passionate confront occurred after prolongation ended, when Eggert was 18 years old.

See a GMA talk below.

Baio, creation his early morning coming on a ABC uncover a day after Eggert took her box to NBC’s Megyn Kelly Today, pronounced he could infer Eggert was lying, and offering adult as justification a past radio talk in that Eggert indicated that her family with Baio occurred when she was 18.

When GMA horde Amy Robach pronounced that Eggert now claims she lied on a radio module in sequence to “protect” a Charles in Charge show, Baio said, “So I’m perplexing to figure out that time she’s fibbing and that time she’s not fibbing since a story seems to change utterly a bit. we can’t keep adult with it utterly honestly.”

Robach afterwards quoted a radio interviewer Nik Richie (with whom, as GMA forked out, Eggert shares a manager) observant “Nicole was distraught after a interview. She told me it was most worse than she described on air. She pronounced ‘he molested me as a child and we didn’t know any better.’ we can vividly remember that statement, it’s not one we would forget.”

Baio challenged a accusations by describing a bustling Charles in Charge set bustling with people. “How any of this could have happened is positively impossible. we don’t know how anybody can trust what she’s observant when her initial explain when were were 17 had been proven 100% false. And by a approach I’m not a initial chairman she’s finished this to.”

Baio insisted that he was never alone with her on set unless they were doing a scene, or maybe elsewhere on a studio lot. As for Eggert’s explain that a dual had sex in Baio’s garage, Baio laughed and said, “I have no thought what that means. No idea.”

Robach afterwards review statements from dual other actors who worked on Charles in Charge, including Alex Polinsky (Robach called him Adam Polinsky), who played a hermit of Eggert’s impression and who says he saw Baio and Eggert rivet in “inappropriate cuddling on a set”, and Adam Carl, who finished one guest coming on a uncover and says he witnessed Eggert “crying” about Baio.

“I don’t know what they’re saying, we have no idea, we don’t know because they’re observant it, there were so many people on that set,” Baio said, afterwards steady his Facebook Live story that a 18-year-old Eggert had sought Baio out in sequence to remove her virginity.

Asked either he’s now endangered that Eggert competence take his new recommendation and go to a military if she has a case, Baio said, “No, because would we have concerns about something we didn’t do?”

“My pursuit is to urge my daughter,” Baio said. “Her pursuit is to be 10 years old, and that’s because this has got to stop.”

Eggert initial brought her accusations to Twitter, after she commented on a chatter referring to Baio’s support of Donald Trump: “Ask [Scott Baio] what happened in his garage during his residence when we was a minor. Creep.” This triggered a array of tweets where she claims she was molested by him from ages 14 to 17 and went into sum about a purported assaults.

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