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August 26, 2014 - Picnic Time

Update: Crews have called off a hunt this evening. No physique was found. The hunt will resume in a morning.

Boats from Gaston Rural Fire District and a Newberg Fire Department dive group searched Henry Hagg Lake on Monday dusk for other probable victims after a immature boy, approximately 4 years old, was found drowned during a Sain Creek cruise area.

Just after 6 p.m. Monday dual people who were fishing in a area speckled a child in a water, nearby a shoreline where Sain Creek flows into Hagg Lake.

“They came to examine and reliable that there was, what appears to be a 4 year aged child who was comatose and not breathing,” conspicuous Forest Grove Fire Rescue Division Chief Dave Nemeyer.

CPR was preformed on a boy, though he was not regenerated and was conspicuous passed during a scene.

There were no adults with a boy. Nemeyer conspicuous a collection of equipment around a cruise list has sat unclaimed nearby a mark where a child was found drowned.

A small, leashed dog – no apparent owners benefaction – was being cared for by firefighters.

The stage led rescue crews and deputies to call for a hunt of a H2O for another probable drowning victim.

“It does seem there was some arrange of picnic, and some arrange of activity here,” conspicuous Washington County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Bob Ray. “There’s other people that we are still looking for, and we don’t know where they are during this time.”

“We don’t know if a primogenitor is not on scene, if there is presumably another plant in a H2O still, we don’t know right now.”

There were no witnesses to what happened, Ray said.

The child did not seem to be wearing a life-jacket, nonetheless a giveaway shelve with child-size life jackets is posted during a opening of a cruise area.

Nemeyer conspicuous a child was found in H2O about 8 feet deep. But Ray after combined that a abyss nearby a shoreline can be deceiving.

“The H2O is low, there are creeks that run by here, and pointy drop-offs,” Ray said. “You could be in a few inches of H2O and we could take one step and it could be several feet deep.”

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