Senior cruise earnings Dancing, eating, and mingling

September 26, 2016 - Picnic Time

CELEBRATE -- Seniors of North Bergen had a cruise with music, food, and beverages on Wednesday, Sept. 14.

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The city of North Bergen hold a annual giveaway cruise for seniors of North Bergen during Schuetzen Park this past Wednesday. Some seniors have been entrance to a cruise for years, and others done it out for their initial time this year.


“I like to dance, and they play my favorite song that reminds me of when we was young.” — Ana Arocho.

Couple Ana and Radames Arocho pronounced they’ve been entrance for years while vital in North Bergen for 14 years. “We always come, and we suffer myself,” Ana said. “I’m 72 and cruise myself a senior. we like to dance, and they play my favorite song that reminds me of when we was young.”

Ana and Radames were lifted together and fell in adore with one another when they were both around 16. Both were vehement to contend they’re celebrating 55 years of matrimony this entrance January.

“I adore it here,” Ana said. “We have 15 grandchildren, and 4 good grandchildren, and that’s what creates me live.” Last weekend a integrate orderly of one of their granddaughters’ honeyed 16’s, given her mom had upheld divided from cancer. “Her father is a good man, and it’s a smashing family,” Ana said. “I adore them.”

Resident Doris Meza pronounced she’s lived in North Bergen for 30 years. “I perceived an invitation in a mail,” she said. “This is my initial time participating.”

First-timer Josefa Paide brought a list full of friends who all live in Terrace Towers. “I’m enjoying myself unequivocally much, and we came with my favorite girls from a same building.” She said.

Seniors munched on prohibited dogs, sandwiches, coffee cake, rice pudding, and corn on a cob. Thirty volunteers handed out pitchers of soda or drink for a tables. Music, coffee, and tea were accessible via a whole celebration from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Residents Elsa and Roberto Nazar have been entrance to a cruise for years. Elsa said, “It’s a unequivocally good environment.”

Resident Jose Charry pronounced this year was his initial time during a picnic. He left his mother during home on 39th Street given she wasn’t feeling good from her arthritis, though “She told me to go, though not to be left all day,” he said. Charry has been late given 1999, and goes to other village events like English classes during a library. “The classes are wonderful,” he said. “I took them for 3 years, and we still go.”

The dance building was filled with seniors until a cruise ended, and everybody got to take home additional food on their approach out a doors.


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