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May 28, 2016 - Picnic Time

EAST GRAND FORKS, Minn. — It might be Memorial Day weekend, though in East Grand Forks it’s some-more like Halloween.

That’s since military are perplexing to figure out how tellurian physique tools finished adult during an East Grand Forks campground.

It’s a categorical campfire review during Red River State Recreation Area.

“I can’t figure out because they would be there,” pronounced camper Donald Borg.

He’s referring to a find of what seem to be dual tellurian fingers found around 5 p.m. Thursday.

“Just a citizen walking by a campground found them sitting on a cruise table,” pronounced Lt. Rod Hajicek with a East Grand Forks Police Department.

Police contend they seem to be a center and ring finger.

“I looked during them, they had fingernails on them, they demeanour human,” Hajicek said.

The fingers have been sent to a state crime lab for serve investigation, and to endorse either or not they are human. If they are, investigators will lift prints from a fingers, and review them to other fingerprints on record in an bid to assistance brand who a fingers might go to.

“I don’t trust in my 26 years here that we’ve ever had tellurian physique tools come in to a office,” Hajicek said.

At this indicate military aren’t certain if a fingers were severed during an collision or if tainted play was involved.

“It’s tough to assume during this time we will continue to investigate. This whole thing is really strange,” Hajicek said.

Borg is only here for a weekend, though it’s a poser he will be following from home in Canada.

“It would be good to review about this and where they came from and whose are they,” he said.


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