SI: Durkin says operative for Harbaugh, Meyer no picnic

April 27, 2016 - Picnic Time

New Maryland manager D.J. Durkin, who spent final deteriorate as Michigan’s defensive coordinator, in an endless speak with Sports Illustrated, described former bosses Jim Harbaugh as being drawn to “confrontation, chaos, conflict” and common a story about how he landed his initial pursuit with uber-intense Urban Meyer.

Durkin has singular discernment into both group carrying worked for Harbaugh during Stanford and Michigan and for Meyer during Bowling Green. 

He described his early years with Harbaugh and a Cardinal as “absolute mayhem.”

“When we initial got there, it was like, oh my gosh,” Durkin told Pete Thamel of SI. ‘Then we finally spend some-more time with Jim. The man is unequivocally smart. Extremely smart. Everything is for a reason, though he loves chaos. That’s only how he operates. He loves confrontation, chaos, conflict. He doesn’t wish it to be everybody comfortable, this is a schedule. He only loves throwing a wrench in a works.

“So, when we initial get there, it’s like, what’s going on? But it was great. To see someone levy their will, their confidence, their prophesy on a program, to totally change it — sum 180. Stanford was famous as a soft, academic, wine-sipping program. Now it’s a sum opposite. He really imposed his will on a place.”

During his initial speak with Meyer while during Bowling Green, he pronounced Meyer shredded him.

“The initial time we went in there, he ripped me adult and down for 30 minutes.” Durkin said. “He attempted to speak me out of it, done certain we wanted to do it. So afterwards he was like, “Well, we need to consider about this. Come behind and see me in dual days.

“So, we came behind and he’s sitting behind his table and he looked divided from me when we walked in. The secretary told him we was here, so he looked when we walked in, though afterwards never looked again. He was looking during his computer, doing something and was articulate to me. ‘Are we sure?’ ‘Yeah, coach, I’m sure.’ Then he unexpected (jumped up) and got this distant from me. ‘are we sure?’ we didn’t even know a man during a time. we was like, ‘Uhhhh, yeah, OK’ we walked out of his bureau like, What a heck did we only do?”

Durkin told Sports Illustrated that Harbaugh and Meyer are both driven by competitiveness.

“Not income or fame,” he said. “It’s elementary competitiveness. And so that’s a strenuous thing. But a approach they work or consider or run their module is drastically different.”

Thamel finished a speak seeking about a time Durkin played Harbaugh in one-on-one during Stanford.

“It was a pointless day in a office,” he said. “We were meeting, articulate about something, and he was dribbling a basketball. We were articulate about something — recruiting or something — and a review somehow got to, ‘Hey, let’s go out and play.’

“So we went to play one-on-one. First to seven. Great. So we’re playing. we went adult for a layup or something, he fouled — we mean, hacked me. And we didn’t call it. we didn’t design him to call foul. No, we’re good. Check up.

“Then it became, OK, if that’s not a foul, there are no fouls. So a diversion went on for — a reason it became epic— it was over an hour-long game. To seven. And people are adult there watching. No one wanted to lose, and no one would call a foul. So it was, if a man got a step on you, pitch him in a back, remove a ball. Nope, no foul. Good, your ball. So it went on. It was good over an hour. A diversion to seven.”

Who won?

“He won,” Durkin said. “I let him win in a end. Job security.”

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