Social Encore: Get into a Valentine’s spirit

February 13, 2015 - Picnic Time

Social Encore: Get into a Valentine’s spirit

Feb. 12, 2015 | 1 Comment

COURTESY JERMEL-LYNN QUILLOPO Still meditative of what to get someone for Valentine's Day?


Still meditative of what to get that special someone for Valentine’s Day?

BY JERMEL-LYNN QUILLOPO / Special to a Star-Advertiser

Valentine’s Day is only a integrate of days away, so we asked some friends about a best and misfortune gifts they ever perceived on this annual day of affection.

Whether it’s a present for someone particularly in a friends territory or something for a chairman you’ve been concerned with for years, we collected some-more than a few ideas and tips that can assistance forestall a terrible Valentine’s Day experience.


Most people wish something honeyed from a one they love. Chocolate seems to be a normal Valentine’s choice, though because not be opposite and try one of these honeyed treats instead:

» Macaroons: Cake Works sells lychee rose, strawberry champagne, purple passion, chocolate hazelnut, and red velvet hiss French macaroons for your valentine. They even have macaroons done as hearts and if you’re poignant other likes Hello Kitty, a box of 4 done like a kitten costs $18. Most macaroons are $3 a piece.

COURTESY CAKE WORKS Special French macaroon flavors are on sale during Cake Works for Valentine's Day.


Special French macaroon flavors are on sale during Cake Works for Valentine’s Day.

» Cake/Cookies: If cookies or cake candy is a guaranteed home run with your poignant other than we would advise visiting Hokulani Bakeshop during Waterfront Plaza. They have orderly flashy heart done cookies ($4 each) and will daunt adult their normal cupcakes ($2.75-$3.50 each) with heart done sprinkles. They will even offer a special Valentine’s 6-inch cake ($50) for purchase. You can sequence online and with a tiny surcharge, Hokulani will broach your present as well. (Type in promo formula “LOVE” to accept 15% off your purchase.)

» Chocolate: If we unequivocally wish to buy chocolate for your desired one, we advise Madre Chocolate in Chinatown. This award-winning association sells candy that will make your chocolate-loving partner warp in your arms. They also offer a booze and chocolate pairing category on Valentine’s Day. You can even take a category to make your possess chocolate bar.

» Strawberries: Strawberries are mostly sought after on Valentine’s Day. Why not buy uninformed strawberries wrapped in red bean and mochi integrity from Made in Hawaii Foods? It’s good choice for a strawberry fan (prices start during $7 for dual pieces).


When we consider of Valentine’s Day we consider of things entrance from a heart, so going a additional mile goes a prolonged approach for me. Here are some ideas that will assistance enthuse nauseating feelings:

» Handwritten Card: Some people have a tough time anticipating a right difference to say. we admit, even as a author we have a tough time anticipating a difference to assistance report how we feel. Before essay your summary in a card, consider about how we folks met, what traits we adore about them, how and because they are critical in your life. Try essay a summary on blemish paper initial and review your summary out loud; this can assistance we work out a kinks before we henceforth write it on a tangible card.

» Sticky Notes: It’s always good to have tiny reminders of because someone loves and cares about you. Remember when your relatives used to write tiny records in your lunch bag and we would find them unexpectedly? You can use a same concept. Write down traits of because we adore a chairman and leave them in tiny places where they would find them. For example, place records on their car, in their wallet, or on their lavatory mirror. You can even make a tiny diversion out of it with a finish outcome being a present certificate to a massage or a store they frequent.

» Make Something: If we haven’t found a place for Valentine’s dinner, we competence have to consider of something else. Don’t panic if we aren’t means to close down a restaurant. Creating a regretful cooking during home could be an option. Sometimes homemade is a approach to go.

If you’re not an gifted chef, sequence take out. Another choice is HI Fresh Box. Everything we need to ready a dish comes directly to your door. For dessert, collect adult a cylinder of dipping chocolate in a furnish territory (around $5 a box), afterwards squeeze some of your favorite fruits to partner it adult with and you’re good to go.


Some adore a participation of flowers on Valentine’s Day. However, we compensate a large cost tab to have those long-stem roses around. Here are other options to consider:

COURTESY JERMEL-LYNN QUILLOPO Help freshen any room for your desired one with room diffusers from SoHa Living.


Help freshen any room for your desired one with room diffusers from SoHa Living.

» Succulents: Is your poignant other allergic to flowers? Succulents are a prefect surrogate and Paiko Hawaii has a far-reaching variety. Succulents are low upkeep when it comes to watering and are ideal table or kitchen plants. This is a ideal plant surrogate for people that are allergic to fragrance. You can possibly collect one adult already done during a store in Kakaako or we can put your personal hold to them and make one yourself.

» Room Diffusers: If we wish to present a honeyed smell though nonetheless don’t wish to worry about your desired one removing burnt by candles or experiencing an allergic greeting from certain perfumed soaps, afterwards a locally done smell diffuser from SoHa Living is your ticket. Lighten adult a room with some pikake and puka shell, or maybe their moana floral sauna aroma. The honeyed smell promises to final dual years (starts during $52).

» Wine: If we need assistance reckoning out what booze to get, Wine Folly teaches a basis of what form of wines go good with certain foods. If there is one thing we would advise when it comes to booze garnishes, we adore furious hibiscus flowers that have been dripping in syrup and partnered with white wine. These hibiscus flowers have a honeyed smell and ambience (yes, we can eat them). These succulent flowers can be found during Compleat Kitchen in Kahala Mall ($13.50).


To me, life practice are always a best gifts. You are means to try something new and infrequently revisit things we competence have forgotten, bringing behind memories.

» Do Something They Love: Sometimes loves means proxy sacrifice. Why not do something your partner likes that we competence not indispensably like to do? You know it will make them happy.

» Stroll Down Memory Lane: Sometimes when you’re in a attribute we forget how we met and fell in love. For example, if we folks met in a summer and used to cruise a lot, because not revisit your aged stomping drift and reminisce?

» Bucket List Item: Is there something that your poignant other wants to do though competence have not gotten around to yet? Tackling a bucket list object or something we are both unfamiliar to helps spin a personification field. If we both don’t know how to surf, because not take a private surfing doctrine together and suffer some fun in a object with Gone Surfing Hawaii.

COURTESY GONE SURFING HAWAII Go on an journey with your desired one and try something new.


Go on an journey with your desired one and try something new.

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be only for boyfriends/girlfriends or husbands and wives? Valentine’s Day is a concept adore day. Any of a ideas above can be used with friends, too! If we have a handful of friends who are single, get together and suffer any other’s company. Make it even improved and spin a normal Secret Santa diversion into a Secret Valentine activity.

For all my singular womanlike readers, “50 Shades of Grey” comes out this week. This weekend would be a ideal event for a girls night out to watch some erotic prohibited adore on a large screen.

Have any Valentine Day suggestions or thoughts? Share them in a comments!
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  • Aloha! Ecards can be heartfelt,too! The palm painted, locally charcterised Ecards for Valentine’s day during are only a thing!

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