South Bend skeleton large 150th birthday bash

March 22, 2015 - Picnic Time

SOUTH BEND — It could be a biggest jubilee a city has ever seen.

South Bend skeleton to make a dash as it applaud a 150th birthday this summer, kicking off May 22 with an Olympic-style opening ceremony, finish with a fiery flame run, fireworks and a thespian phenomenon of a new South Bend River Lights sculpture.

The jubilee will continue all weekend, on a eve of Memorial Day, with low-pitched performances, a zip line opposite a river, a garden on a bridge, basketball, Studebaker vehicles, art, racial food, qualification drink and several other activities. A low-pitched theatre will underline internal and informal bands, as good as a national-level low-pitched performer, who will be announced soon.

Downtown, in short, will spin into a vast festival locus that weekend, all meant to symbol a city’s story and respect a achievements — while also providing lots of fun.

“We’re scheming for 40,000 to 50,000 people to uncover up,” said  Aaron Perri, chair of a South Bend 150 cabinet and executive executive of Downtown South Bend. “Outside of a (Notre Dame) football weekend, we can’t consider of a internal eventuality this size.”

South Bend’s yearlong sesquicentennial celebration, including a weekend bash, is costing about $1 million. About $150,000 of that is city funding, and a rest is from open and business donations.  

Although a initial European settlers arrived in a South Bend area in a 1820s, May 22 is a 150th anniversary of South Bend being postulated a city charter.

But a jubilee will indeed start several weeks earlier, on May 2 and 3, with a Olympic-style flame run by a city.

That same aflame flame will make an coming during a start of a 9 p.m. May 22 kickoff event. A curtain will lift it opposite a Colfax Avenue Bridge to Seitz Park.

“That flame is what will symbolically light adult a River Lights sculpture for a initial time,” Perri said.

The sculpture, designed by artist Rob Shakespeare, will light adult in stages: initial on a Jefferson Boulevard Bridge, afterwards in “flames” swelling opposite a stream to light adult a cascades during a South Bend dam, afterwards 5 aflame pillars on Island Park, and finally a contingent of light posts in Seitz Park.

Then a warn — Perri will usually contend that it will be an huge inflatable — will seem in a sky.

The opening rite also will embody a village choir of 500 to 800 singers, a proof by a Pokagon Band of Potawatomi, a brief debate by Mayor Pete Buttigieg and a fireworks arrangement over a St. Joseph River. Crowds are approaching to line a Colfax Avenue Bridge and both sides of a stream to watch a ceremony, that will be displayed on hulk video screens on a extraneous easterly wall of Century Center.

The rite also will be televised live on WNIT Television.

Much of a setup for a vast weekend will start in quick fashion, starting with a shutting of a Jefferson Boulevard Bridge to trade in late afternoon May 20. Crews will work quick to set adult a categorical theatre and other venues for a weekend, Perri said.

Here are some-more sum about a birthday weekend:

• A hulk categorical theatre will be set adult in a Century Center parking lot as a site for outside concerts, including a big-name performer Saturday night. “It’s a hulk Lollapalooza-style stage,” Perri said, referring to a vast song unison hold any summer in Grant Park in Chicago. Many low-pitched events during a weekend will be free, nonetheless tickets for a big-name act are approaching to sell for $10 ($25 for front quarrel seating). Details about sheet sales will be announced soon.

• The Jefferson Boulevard Bridge will be hermetic to trade and lonesome in sod and other live greenery several days before a weekend, to offer as a hulk cruise area dubbed SB150 Green.

• “Taste of South Bend” will embody grill food booths along Jefferson Boulevard only west of a river. Nearly 50 food vendors and outside cafes will sell food and beverages.

• Howard Park will be a plcae for several activities: a kids’ activity zone, including rebound houses, a petting zoo, face portrayal and outside movies; an outside journey park charity a zip line opposite a St. Joseph River, a ropes course, kayaking, canoeing, bicycling, yoga and Zumba; and a “Tech Hub,” an area showcasing technological innovations occurring in a city.

Howard Park also will be a site for a Gus Macker 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

• “Memory Lane” will be set adult along Niles Avenue, featuring photos and memorabilia from 150 years of a city’s history. Members of a Studebaker Drivers Club also will be there, displaying classical Studebaker vehicles.

• “Art Alley” will be set adult in Seitz Park and along both sides of a East Race Waterway. It will be an interactive humanities uncover displaying creations by area artists as good as large-scale open art pieces that will be done during a weekend to offer as durability reminders of a celebration. The East Race will be open for rafting via a weekend.

People will be asked to move equipment to minister to 3 vast egg-shaped fiberglass time capsules, that will be hermetic and placed in a open space as design after a celebration, Perri said.

• Island Park nearby Century Center will offer as a mark for adults to relax and representation informal wines, qualification beers and spirits and to listen to music. A May 24 jazz brunch is designed there.

• The South Bend Cubs will play night games May 22, 23 and 24 during Four Winds Field, with fireworks during a end of any game. The South Bend 150 weekend shutting rite will be during a Cubs game.

• Free convey buses will be accessible via a weekend and visitors will be speedy to park during satellite lots, including School Field and St. Joseph High School, and take shuttles to a festival.



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