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January 19, 2015 - Picnic Time



Established in 1895, Mount Carmel Baptist Church celebrates 120 years this week. Pastor Logan Lair pronounced a church has abounding story of brotherhood and village use in a county.



One of several books chronicling a story of Mount Carmel Baptist Church. Church members located books and other church annals and photographs in a integument and a closet of a ancestral church building.



Longtime Mount Carmel Baptist Church members Arden and Dee Lockett demeanour by cinema and books detailing a church’s 120 year history.

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Sowing a seeds of love

By Matt Smith/

Mount Carmel Baptist Church’s new pastor, Logan Lair, pronounced he and his mom prayed for God to lead them to a church with good soil.

Lair, clarifying a vigilant of his prayer, pronounced he was meditative of a mustard seed tale and Jesus’ commercial to Peter, “Upon this stone we will build my church.”

“We wanted to find a place where we could literally work to grow a church,” Lair said.

The Fort Worth proprietor pronounced he looked and practical during several churches before anticipating Mount Carmel.

“Which is how God works,” Lair said. “Mount Carmel refers to Elijah on Mount Carmel in 1 Kings where Elijah valid that Baal is not a genuine God. And Carmel literally means fruitful garden.”

Lair, 32, became a church’s priest in August. He splits time between a church and Fort Worth, where he’s operative to finish his grade during Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Lair competence be new to a area, though Mount Carmel’s roots widen low into Johnson County history. 

Mount Carmel was founded someday between Jan. 1 and Feb. 3, 1895, on land donated by Mrs. Newbrough, according to a centennial jubilee story penned in 1995. Several early members donated $100 any toward construction and Uncle Frank Helsley built a strange building. 

Mount Carmel’s history, however, predates a founding. Mount Carmel shaped as an appendage of the, still existing, Lane Prairie Baptist Church, that was shaped in 1871.

Lane Prairie’s strange plcae — adjacent a also still existent Old Lane Prairie Cemetery — valid cryptic as prolonged time Mount Carmel member Dr. Leslie Ball, now deceased, explained.

“When a sight upheld by, a horses were so fearful that their owners had to precipitate outward and reason them to keep them from using away,” Ball is quoted as observant in a 1995 centennial history. “There was also a problem of no H2O source.

“It was motionless to immigrate a Lane Prairie Church to a stream spot, during that time people who lived to a west of a church started their possess church, fixing it Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church.”

The companion abuse fell by a wayside somewhere in a 120 years since. Otherwise, nonetheless a buildings have changed, a church has remained on a same skill given 1895, Lair said.

Ball apparently donated land for a church as well, Lair and several members said.

“We’re not a oldest church in a county,” Lair said. “But we positively have a prolonged story here.”

To applaud that milestone, church members will horde 5 days of events commencement during 7 p.m. Wednesday with a kickoff jubilee service.

A ladies Victorian luncheon takes place during noon Thursday and includes lunch, a guest orator and fellowship.

At 6 p.m. Friday, a church will horde a family grill and tent reconstruction with speakers and song pleasantness of Buttermilk Junction.

The jubilee ramps adult during 11 a.m. Saturday with a cruise on a church grounds, some-more music, 1800s character games and additional family centric activities. A 120th year jubilee use concludes a festivities during 11 a.m. Sunday.

Mount Carmel is during 1420 County Road 903. For information, call 817-641-5820.

Lair stressed that while a anniversary is apparently a outrageous arise for Mount Carmel’s members, about 175, it also outlines a historically critical eventuality for a county. Everyone, Lair said, is acquire and speedy to join in one or all of a anniversary events, or simply to stop by and revisit a ancestral church.

Although it sits though a few miles off of bustling Texas 174, Mount Carmel’s tucked away, farming locality during times poses a detriment, Lair said.

“When people do pass by this approach a lot substantially consider we’re some old-style backwoods nation Baptist church, Lair said. “The kind of place where, if we travel in, everyone’s going to glance and a kind of church that judges and condemns everyone.

“But that’s not us during all. We’re customarily a nation church that wants to adore on people and we’re really a come-as-you-are church. A lot of jeans and boots on Sundays. You’re acquire to wear a fit and tie if we wish but, to be honest, we competence demeanour a tiny out of place if we do. But we’re all about welcoming everyone.”

Joshua residents Arden and Dee Lockett, members given 1967, concurred with Lair’s down home and accessible characterization of Mount Carmel.

“We customarily like a tiny church community,” Arden Lockett said. “You get to know everybody improved and we consider this offers a some-more friendly attribute than we maybe get from some of a bigger churches.”

It was customarily late final year, Lair said, that he and a congregants satisfied a 120th anniversary was approaching, that resulted in a hunt of a church’s story and several engaging discoveries.

Arden Lockett suggested that Lair examine several boxes packaged divided in a church integument and a closet. There, Lair found annals for a initial oration ever preached in a church as good as photographs, church assembly mins by a years and membership lists. Records note several dismissals from a church by a years something that, usually, is not utterly as shameful as it sounds on initial blush.

Most of a dismissals, Lair said, were simply a box of a family relocating elsewhere and fasten another church nearer their new home. Members, on being discharged from one church, would mostly accept a anxiety letter, that they would benefaction to a priest of their new church. That use technically still exists, Lair said, nonetheless it is tiny used today.

Then again, annals note that church leaders discharged one hapless former congregant after he was seen celebration and dancing. Whether he did his celebration and dancing in a church or elsewhere is unknown.

Members also detected a cache of recipes handwritten and clipped from newspapers and magazines by a decades, that they wish to accumulate into a church recipe book.

The church is abounding in story as well. 

Dee Lockett removed prolonged time member Lucille Ball, a successor of Leslie Ball, a buttress of a church for years and a classical Baptist lady who orderly and tranquil everything.

“She was firm, though had a heart of gold,” Lockett pronounced of a now defunct Ball.

Like Lair, several of a church’s pastors by a years lived circuitously SBTS in Fort Worth and commuted to Mount Carmel on a Interurban.

On one arise in 1927, according to a centennial story of a church, Lucille Ball’s mother, Ada Ball, gave a priest a gallon of divert and guinea eggs to take home to Fort Worth, pouring a divert in a gallon can and fixation a eggs in a paper sack.

“James and O.B. Wilson gathering a reverend to accommodate a Interurban,” a centennial story reads. “They did not know a can was leaking on a sack. When they picked adult a paper pouch guinea eggs went everywhere. Not wanting to remove a possibility during a eggs, a reverend pressed a eggs in all his pockets and boarded a sight for home.”

The church once had a school, substantially of a standard one-room schoolhouse version, Lair and a Locketts said. It burnt down in 1928. It is suspicion that paper placed in a stove by schoolchildren during noon recess sparked a glow as it upheld out of a flue afterwards fell on and set a roof ablaze. Several vital circuitously saw a glow and ran in to trifle a children to safety.

A newer building, beside a stream church, will expected one day offer as a church, Lair said. The new building can accommodate distant some-more than a church’s stream congregation. 

Lair, however, pronounced he hopes to see a church grow. Blocked by trees though customarily west of a church runs a recently non-stop Chisholm Trail Parkway.

“Back in a early days a churches a lot some-more so served as a amicable hubs and categorical overdo centers of a communities,” Lair said. “That’s a kind of suggestion we’re perplexing to revive.”

Lair reiterated that all are acquire to attend in a church’s anniversary, or customarily to revisit anytime.

“Definitely,” Lair said. “Everybody who wants to come, customarily come on by. Even if you’re not a member we wish you’ll come assistance us applaud a bequest of a church that’s stood a exam of time and helped served a village for 120 years.”

Mount Carmel Baptist celebrates 120 years

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