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January 4, 2018 - Picnic Time

The city of Cambridge has 15 extraordinary parks that are open to a public. Year-round activities are charity for everyone. Hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, playing, picnicking, canoeing, geocaching, skating, summer concerts, and bird observation are only a few activities to enjoy. With immeasurable open acreage, inlet viewing, and activities we are certain to find some delight in a parks system.

Each park is singular in a offerings. Paved trails, cruise tables, benches and stadium apparatus can be found in many. Others offer specific activities such as basketball courts, round and softball fields, soccer, tennis, football and skating. If we haven’t heard, even pickleball has come to Cambridge. Four new courts have been combined along with dual new tennis courts in Central Green Park. Also, dual new refrigerated ice rinks have been built in Central Green Park charity a longer ice deteriorate during a capricious winters.

Across a travel from a ice rinks, a Community Garden offers garden plots for residents to suffer flourishing flowers, fruits, and vegetables. If we are meddlesome in this activity, we can hit a city and we can assistance get we in hold with a right folks. And, if we didn’t know, a Dog Park has been changed subsequent to a Community Garden. The new plcae provides some-more shade and softer grassy areas for your pets.

One of a some-more important parks is City Park. It is mainly located and on a banks of a Rum River charity a fishing pier, monumental views, play equipment, cruise areas, and a open restroom. This park also offers an 18 hole front golf march that meanders by superb hills and entirely grown trees. In a winter, a vast mountain is used for sledding charity hours of snowy fun. The Spirit River Nature Area is only on a west side of a stream and offers over 4 miles of trails for year-round adventures including hiking, solidarity, cross-country skiing, and biking. If we haven’t been here, it will certainly be value your time to see a overwhelming beauty of a landscapes.

City Park also hosts a Summer Concert Series charity a far-reaching accumulation of family permitted song entertainment. Last year, a city also hold portrayal classes in City Park. In addition, family permitted cinema were shown during eve and were hold in several area parks via a city. Be certain to check out a Cambridge city website for updates on these activities for 2018. The city has been advantageous to accept extend supports from a East Central Regional Arts Council by a Legacy Grant.

Sandquist Family Park offers another far-reaching operation of activities to enjoy. With 4 softball fields and dual round diamonds, we can find people of all ages personification ball. Softball leagues and round teams are shaped any year by a particular associations. If interested, a city can assistance lead we in a right instruction to get we sealed up. The park also offers dual football/soccer fields, stadium equipment, benefaction stand, a pavilion and open restrooms.

The Cambridge-Isanti Bike/Walk Trail is located only south of a city of Cambridge. This 3.5 mile paved track meanders by high pines, healthy wetlands, and some behind nation roads. The track is permitted for all to suffer a still beauty along a route.

For full descriptions of a parks, addresses, and amenities, revisit www.ci.cambridge.mn.us/cambridge/departments/parks, or call City Hall during 763-689-3211.

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