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October 19, 2014 - Picnic Time

— Carl DeMaio or Scott Peters? For many electorate in 52nd Congressional District precincts where a ranks of purebred Democrats and Republicans are scarcely equal, a choice is still adult in a air.

“I’m going behind and forth,” pronounced 37-year-old Wendy Stephens.

She was among several people who spoke with U-T San Diego during a revisit Thursday to a contingent of district precincts where voters’ celebration registration is roughly uniformly separate among independents, Republicans and Democrats. The precincts are emblematic of a district that stretches from Coronado to Del Mar and includes Miramar and Poway, a district where a domestic multiplication among electorate is roughly equally divided.

Stephens was with friends for a noontime cruise in a Mira Mesa park on Thursday, an area of unit complexes and some medium homes in a mostly upscale district where one of a closest congressional races in a nation is holding place. “I’m a Democrat, though we cranky a aisle depending on what we see or hear,” she said.

She was disposition toward Republican DeMaio until recently and won’t make adult her mind, she said, until she and her father lay and investigate his positions and those of Peters, a first-term Democratic obligatory who won a razor-thin feat over GOP Rep. Brian Bilbray in 2012.

That year, Bilbray won a Stephens’ patrol by a tiny 9 votes.


Peters and DeMaio on a issues

A few miles divided in a suburban area of recently assembled homes and shops in Rancho Peñasquitos, dual women handing out fliers for a propagandize house competition are struggling to confirm who will get their vote.

“I only don’t have a good clarity of it,” pronounced 38-year-old Rebecca Blomstrom, who’s an eccentric voter not purebred with possibly party. “It’s mid-October now, so it’s time to get critical about looking into it in-depth.”

She and crony Erika Levy, also 38, any contend that a many they know about a competition deliberate a tossup on Nov. 4 is a torrent of disastrous conflict ads appearing on radio and display adult in their mailboxes.

Levy tends to opinion for a claimant whose positions are a many accessible to tiny business. Her father is a counsel with his possess firm, so a possibilities espousing policies benefiting him tend to get their votes. But she pronounced she isn’t so certain about DeMaio.

“I only have all these disastrous impressions of him — differently he would get my vote,” she said. “I’ll make adult my mind for certain in a week or so.”

Peters carried a Rancho Peñasquitos patrol by a domain of 78 votes in 2012.

A brief stretch divided in another registration-split patrol in an upscale Del Mar Heights neighborhood, 31-year-old barkeeper Jeffrey Sheahan has no doubt whose name he’s imprinting on his list Nov. 4 — DeMaio.

“I only brand with him unequivocally good as a man who is economically regressive and socially liberal,” pronounced Sheahan, who’s purebred with a GOP. “I’m happy and we know he is a happy Republican, and we brand with him in that way.”

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