Spring mangle is a ideal time to keep students learning

March 29, 2016 - Picnic Time


This week is open mangle for San Francisco’s open schools, that means students get a brief change of slight before going behind to propagandize and their open division classes.

But holding a mangle from a classroom doesn’t meant a training stops. In fact, a change in slight can strengthen what they have been study in school. The time off is a ideal possibility to uncover your child how what she or he learns in propagandize relates to a bland universe around us.

Become a Giant reader

Is your child a Giants fan? Opening day is around a corner. You can indicate out San Francisco Examiner articles and find books in a library created about a home group and famous players.

Does your family take in cinema during a break? Before streamer to a theater, have your child examination a examination of a film — following ask your child if he or she beheld things listed in a examination and thinks a censor was fair.

If you’re some-more outdoorsy, formulation a travel or picnic, take time to examination a map of a park together.

And don’t forget your internal open library! Many branches are open on weekends and some evenings, and it’s easy to get your possess library card.

Leave things around

At home, have newspapers, magazines and books on a list to hint your child’s interest. Children are naturally curious, and will select good reading element if it’s available.

Do math on Muni

If you’re holding Muni, we can ask your child to count a series of people on a train reading something on their phones, and a ones not, and emanate a fragment for a formula (extra credit for reckoning out what commission of all riders not looking during their phones).

At a grocery store, import a bulk equipment we are shopping and ask your child to figure out how most it will cost formed on a cost per bruise — a torment during a checkout opposite to see a tangible volume competence make a outing some-more interesting.

Going on a highway trip? You can tell your child a speed we are pushing and a stretch of a trip. Then together we can figure out how many mins it will take to strech your destination.

Be a storyteller

Use open mangle as a possibility to share fun stories from your possess childhood. Perhaps articulate about a favorite clergyman we had years ago will hint a review about your child’s clergyman or a special propagandize staff member. Talking about what your child likes about propagandize can assistance a transition behind to a classroom subsequent week.

Most importantly, remember that we are your child’s initial teacher. Taking time to do a discerning math problem only for fun, anticipating something engaging to read, and articulate about propagandize shows your child that his or her preparation — inside and outward a classroom — is critical to you.

Richard Carranza is a superintendent of a San Francisco Unified School District.

source ⦿ http://www.sfexaminer.com/spring-break-perfect-time-keep-students-learning/

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