Still time to make summer memories during Palisades State Park

August 24, 2017 - Picnic Time

“I was vacant during what we saw — it didn’t seem like we was even in South Dakota,” Dummer remembered. “How could a place like this exist, and nonetheless a mile divided from a park a land is lonesome with fruitful plantation fields that reminds us that we’re still in a Midwest.

“In my personal opinion, Palisades State Park is like no other state park in South Dakota.”

Even on a still day, a park is full of activities for visitors to attend in. Dummer’s initial time exploring a Palisades took him on some of a many hiking trails.

“During my time on a [Split Rock Creek] trail, we was means to perspective ceiling on a Sioux quartzite rocks that building over Split Rock Creek,” Dummer recounted. “This route gets really tighten to a river, that is good as it allows we to hear a sounds of a soothing watercourse along a creek. Cedar and charcoal trees, level cactus and mould can be found flourishing on a soaring rocks, giving a rocks a some-more evil look.

“I saw a few people out stone climbing, and they looked like pendulums moving behind and onward from their climbing ropes,” Dummer added. “The stone wall was roughly 60 feet tall.”

Dummer also hiked on a South Wall route during his initial visit.

“This route also starts nearby a cruise preserve though works a approach southwest along Split Rock Creek and afterwards circles behind towards a cruise shelter,” he explained. “My initial time on this route was pleasant. we continued adult a route and was greeted by wooden stairs that snaked between dual vast stone formations that led divided from a river.”

Many events are accessible via a summer during Palisades State Park. One prominence of a deteriorate took place Aug. 12, when a park hosted a Meteor Shower and Star Party. A telescope was supposing “for folks to see stars, constellations and also perspective a Perseid meteor shower,” pronounced Dummer.

The Monarch Butterfly Program will be holding place during a park on Sept. 2.

“Participants will get to learn about a life cycle of a sovereign butterfly,” Dummer said. “Typically, sovereign butterflies quit by South Dakota in Sep as they ready for a winter months by roving to Central Mexico. We wish to see a few sovereign butterflies and, if we are propitious enough, participants might get to tab a few butterflies.”

The Homesteader Day Celebration will take place a tiny over 10 miles divided during a Beaver Creek Nature Area on Sept. 10.

“[The event] offers visitors a glance of how a homesteaders lived in eastern South Dakota during a late 1800s,” Dummer said. “Throughout a day, participants can watch rural demonstrations, wire making, Dutch oven cooking, candle dipping, black smith demonstrations, and a Civil War reenactment.

“Every year we entice family and friends to Palisades State Park and share with them some of my favorite areas of a park,” he continued. “They all suffer what a park has to offer with a implausible views and healthy resources. My nieces and nephews suffer anticipating a tiny level cactus that grow in a stone formations.

“Whenever we accommodate new people, they typically ask, ‘where do we work?’ and we respond, ‘Palisades State Park.’ After they hear my response, they typically get vehement and, with a grin on their face, respond with their favorite memory of a park.”

“Everyone has a opposite memory of Palisades State Park, and that’s what creates this park so great. It’s some-more than only rocks and camping; it’s where people come to remember past memories and emanate new ones.”

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