Storage on steroids: Intel bets on PCIe SSDs, and Optane storage as quick as RAM

April 13, 2016 - Picnic Time

Intel’s storage potentate has a thing or dual to contend about a destiny of expostulate technology, naturally, yet it’s not all celebration line. PCWorld recently sat down with Bill Leszinske, who heads Intel’s NVM (non-volatile memory) Solutions Group, to get his take on interfaces, tough drives vs. solid-state drives, and when storage and RAM will merge.

SATA Express who?

Remember a SATA Express port? It arose in 2013, dictated as an expansion of a slower SATA interface. While some systems began ancillary a interface, however, drives for it never appeared—at slightest nothing we’ve ever seen. SSD opening also quick eclipsed a capabilities of SATA Express.


Don’t design to ever block an Intel SSD into that SATA Express pier on your Z87 motherboard.

SATA Express competence never strictly have been announced dead, yet to Intel’s expostulate division, during least, it is. “I’m not formulation to offer SSDs in SATA Express,” Leszinske pronounced of a neglected interface. “I don’t need another form cause or interface. It only complicates a product line.”

Die, tough drive, die!

Much has also been expected about when SSDs would succeed tough drives, yet when we demeanour during a $50, 1TB tough expostulate contra a $250, 1TB SSD, it doesn’t seem like we’re remotely close. Despite that gap, Leszinske pronounced he believes an rhythm indicate is imminent.

“There are some people who wish immeasurable drives and will continue to buy them,” Leszinske  said. On a other hand, he forked to investigate display that a immeasurable infancy of people use reduction than 40 percent of their drive’s capacity.

ChrisPole / iStock

You can put your tough expostulate on ice flattering soon, Intel predicts.

Hard drives will continue to be cheaper per GB than SSDs, yet Leszinske thinks SSD prices will tumble adequate to cgange some-more people. “When we can get a 256GB SSD that costs a same as a tough drive, call that $40-ish U.S. dollars, we consider it’s done.”

Leszinske thinks many users will give adult ability for speed. “I consider it only transitions since it’s good adequate storage, it’s adequate capacity,” he said. “Are we within a year of that? Probably.” 

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