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December 2, 2014 - Picnic Time

Charles Loebs Sr. was innate on Feb. 12, 1861, in Kandel, Germany, to Johannes and Catharina (Steigleder) Loebs. He was lifted in Kandel, and in time schooled a trade of a shoemaker.

In 1882, he trafficked to Pirmasens, Germany, where he met Fredarika Winkmann. They had their initial child, Charles Jr., that year. They marry a following year and had daughters Fredarika in 1884 and Elizabeth in 1886. At one indicate he served as a quartermaster in a German army and also as a German emperor’s guard.

In 1887, a family immigrated to a United States, settling in Philadelphia. That year, son John was born. Later they relocated to Berkeley, California, where daughter Caroline was innate in 1893 and son Edward Peter in 1895.

In Berkeley, Loebs worked as a cobbler, and approaching during a opposite duration as a boilermaker for a Southern Pacific Railroad. With a railroad, he began holding trips to Tucson — and on one of them he met a most younger woman, Mariana Bandurraga.

By 1899, he was vital in Tucson and worked for a tyrannise until about 1902, when he became connected with a New Era Saloon.

On Jan. 13, 1904, he marry Mariana and they had 4 children: Rudolf Peter in 1906, Ernest in 1908, Anna Marie in 1910 and Leo in 1913.

By 1906, he was a renter of a Rainer Saloon during Toole and Sixth avenues. Here, dual years after during around midnight, dual masked group with six-shooters attacked him of a day’s gain and demanded to be served a integrate beers, on a house.

Around a same time, approaching in 1908, he acquired land 3 miles north of Tucson, on Oracle Road usually north of present-day Prince Road. He began construction of a drink garden, party park and cruise review famous as Pastime Park. The plcae was selected formed on a property’s vicinity to a new Evergreen and Catholic (now called Holy Hope) cemeteries, that were usually to a south. A new streetcar line was approaching to be built to a tomb soon, creation it easy for party seekers to get to a new park.

As a new year approached, usually a categorical building was completed, with an elegantly furnished saloon, a vast accepting hall, a tiny dance gymnasium and a vast porch that wrapped around a building. A wooden blockade enclosed a whole grounds. A H2O pumping plant was in operation during a time, and a tug-of-war area was finished. Loebs had spent $9,000 adult to that point.

On Jan. 1, 1909, Loebs hold a prejudiced grand opening and a vast train took Tucsonans to and from a park during 50 cents turn trip. For party he hired an band to perform in a accepting hall, and a Old Pueblo Band played on a porch. Several hundred people enjoyed a barbecue, dancing, games and speeches.

In an talk with a Tucson Citizen about his skeleton for a park, published a day before a opening, Loebs said, “I have prolonged believed that Tucson indispensable some place where picnics and family parties could be held, and that is a reason that we acquired my tract and motionless to make it into a park.” In further to cruise tables and chairs, Loebs had placed an sequence for 900 trees, including cottonwoods, peppers and umbrellas, to cover a park’s 8 acres (later stretched to during slightest 25). In a works were a swimming pool, bowling alleys and a half-mile racetrack with space in a center for ball games. An synthetic lake with a boathouse was also partial of Loebs’ vision. The sum investment after all was finished was estimated during $15,000 to $20,000.

Loebs leased land usually easterly of a park to a Tucson Gun Club, that changed a traps from Elysian Grove to Pastime Park and hold shoots there. By a following year a Blue Rock Gun Club was in residence.

In Dec 1909, Loebs planted Christmas trees during his park, and it’s believed that many people spent a holiday there.

The year 1912, that appears to be a park’s apex, began with a bicycle competition from downtown to Pastime Park and back. An ad in a Jan. 12, 1912, Arizona Daily Star said: “Beautiful Home For Sale, we contingency sell my superb softened home, on comment of it being too distant from my business, as we am located during Pastime Park. … Six-room chateau and bath, all modern, pleasing lawn, palms, shade and fruit trees. … If taken during once will sell it for $4,000.00 (signed) Chas. Loebs.”

Loebs hold a St. Patrick’s Day festival during a park and got in a suggestion by donning a immature fit and handing out a shamrock to each visitor. The following month, he doled out Easter eggs to his immature patrons.

In June, a new dance pavilion during a park was completed, and Loebs played Adam in a film “The Garden of Eden or Paradise Lost,” that was shot, during slightest in part, during Pastime Park. On Jul 14, 1912, a Star reported that “The Sleeper,” shot partly during Pastime Park, would be expelled soon. Six days later, a paper announced a goat-roping competition there, with a purse of $250. In August, a vast dance was hold during a new pavilion.

After that, activity during a park lessened considerably after Loebs’ mother temporarily left him in Sep 1912. His seven-day workweeks approaching were a contributing factor.

After a commencement of World War we in mid-1914, small is famous about a happenings during Pastime Park. Few advertisements ran, a sheer contrariety to prior years, and it’s believed that business was down significantly.

By 1915, Loebs had perceived a elect as a emissary policeman of Pima County, and in 1916 he finally perceived pretension to a 160 acres of land where Pastime Park existed. In a early morning of Dec. 23, 1917, several group attacked a tavern and shot Loebs to death. They were convicted of a murder.

Eventually, Pastime Park became Tucson’s initial veterans sanatorium before it was changed to South Sixth Avenue.

On Nov. 5, 1928, a Pima County Board of Supervisors combined Road No. 173, that by 1932 was called Pastime Park Road. Later, a name was condensed to Pastime Road.

Special interjection to Dan, Dana, Hannah, Benjamin, Nathan, Sarah, Esther and Ruth Cowgill.

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