Students, relatives spin out for end-of-school-year picnic

June 6, 2015 - Picnic Time

Fabulous fun

Fabulous fun

Students during Converse Elementary School in Beloit play with a parachute after lunch during a end-of-the-year cruise on Friday.

Posted: Saturday, Jun 6, 2015 10:00 am

Students, relatives spin out for end-of-school-year picnic

By Sophie Harris


Students during Converse Elementary School lined a halls, bouncing with fad Friday over removing to see their relatives during propagandize during a school’s end-of-year picnic.

Principal Stephanie Jacobs done certain to have her megaphone by her side so she could make announcements and warning careless relatives that they’d mislaid their children.

“The kids are so vehement — they haven’t stopped articulate about this day,” Jacobs said.

Kindergarten clergyman Heather Cesarz pronounced nonetheless propagandize is ending, kids will have copiousness to do this summer, like attend in Beloit Public Library’s summer programs. But Converse Elementary kids aren’t too disturbed about being bored. First grader Kayla Perry can’t wait to go mini-golfing, and Shawn Wood unequivocally wants to go to a H2O park.

The students were vivacious by a entrance of their propagandize mascot, a Converse Cougar. Many got a payoff of jolt his hand, or paw, and holding a design with him.

Second class clergyman Darcie Zelle pronounced her kids were also vehement to spend time with family. Zelle taught during Converse Elementary for 15 years and returned after relocating to California and Iowa, and she pronounced entrance behind felt like entrance home.

“It feels like being with family,” Zelle said. “Our staff is so go-getting, organized, and child-centered.”

Zelle pronounced that Principal Jacobs always creates certain events are family friendly, and Friday’s cruise was no exception. Many parents, grandparents, and younger siblings were in attendance.

“They unequivocally adore saying their relatives during school,” Zelle said. “We have so many activities designed for today, like bubbles, chalk, beach balls, and personification with a parachute.”

Jill Schaefer goes by “Miss Jill” during school, though shortly that won’t be a case. The 4K clergyman is retiring.

“Thirty-six years of training is enough,” Schaefer pronounced jokingly. “But a kids have kept me immature approach over my years.”

As a kids played with froth and chalk, she participated in a fun, floating froth and shouting with her students. Although she will be behind for visits, Schaefer pronounced it’s time to concentration on family.

“I need to hang out with my 4-year-old granddaughter,” Schaefer said.

After Friday’s festivities, Converse Elementary School students will have dual propagandize days left, with a propagandize year finale on Jun 9.

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Saturday, Jun 6, 2015 10:00 am.

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