‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ Features Free-Throw Shooting and a Voting Switch in ‘Play or Go Home’

March 24, 2016 - Picnic Time

Scot Pollard of ‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong
 Robert Voets/CBS

There was a cruise prerogative he won for his clan by purchase buoy-tossing. It quickly looked like Nick, a former high propagandize indicate guard, competence lift off a Middle Tennessee State-sized dissapoint and outshoot a NBA journeyman, indeed entrance from behind, yet instead Scot played a purpose of Texas AM, evading a pretender loser during a final second. Up 9-8, Scot contemplated his shot a small too long. “Scot, whatcha doing?” one of this teammates yelled, anticipating to supplement urgency. “Winning,” he replied, falling a 10th and final buoy. Scot afterwards proceeded to use his tallness to get his clan as tighten as probable to winning a shield challenge, usually to remove by seconds, possibly since of Peter’s inadequate stacking devise or something else.

Bottom Line, Part I. That was a bizarre genealogical council, one that stretched longer than your normal fireside segment, as endless murmur was compulsory to come to a end that people were adhering with a strange plan. But was a strange devise voting Julia or Peter? Joe had no idea and was never changing his mind anyway, carrying stubbornly given his word to Peter, even yet Peter unsuccessful his sagacious distortion detector test. Joe’s not good during this diversion either, yet I’m blissful he didn’t humour repairs from a retard that nailed him in a conduct and drew blood. The usually chairman for whom a “original” devise was in doubt was Aubry, who wrote Julia’s name and afterwards reconsidered. we can’t review Aubry’s mind, so we don’t know if she went opposite Peter since of an strange devise she felt concerned in or since she was ill of Peter during that point. In a final pre-tribal segment, Aubry went from dynamic to blindside Peter to realizing that a Brains fondness would turn targets though him to limbo. So I’m not certain how she would have famous what “original” even meant, yet she guessed rightly a approach Tai and Scot were going.

Bottom Line, Part II. Chan Loh won shield for a second true week and we never had to see them worry about voting anybody, so we never had a possibility to see that alliances were indeed going to stick. Debbie was perplexing to drive Michele to targeting Jason, yet Nick seemed dynamic to drive Michele to targeting… somebody else, referring to his Beauty fan as too immature to know how to manipulate. But Michele, who went from nowhere to a fan favorite here, insisted  “Actually, I’m a strong, eccentric woman” and added, in a line of a night, “I don’t need to be carried, bro.” Good for Michele. But what was a indicate of a cheating or whatever between Nick and Debbie? Debbie felt she was steering Nick (and enlivening his displaying career), while a male she dubbed “Adonis” suspicion he was steering Debbie’s ego, yet conjunction was steering possibly in any direction. Shrug.

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