Sweat, Funk and Euphoria during a Roots Picnic 2015

June 1, 2015 - Picnic Time

Photos by Pat Shahabian

I’ve never been to a song festival before. we spent many of my adult life avoiding them. Buying a sheet for a Roots Picnic felt great, unwashed even. we figured if we was going to go to a song festival where we was usually stoked on a integrate of actsthat’s how it always is, right?—I might as good go to a one curated by one of music’s many reputable luminaries. All we knew about song festivals adult until this indicate is that we spend many of a day watchful for a one or dual acts we indeed came to see, they’re unequivocally crowded, and H2O is expensive. we was dynamic to have a good time. I gathering by a festival plcae in a early afternoon to go collect adult a camera from a friend’s partner (thanks Susan) and it already looked like my possess personal hell. Cars and people as distant as a eye could see. Fuck that.

I parked my automobile dual miles divided and took an Uber. Then we successfully visited all 3 gates perplexing to secure my print pass, any embankment flitting me off to a next. we hated it already. There were people everywhere all smelling of their possess personal code of funk. It wasn’t even 2pm. Why is my behind so sweaty? I should go home. The song gods clearly airlifted me from a embankment to a theatre that Hiatus Kaiyote was playing. I consider we blacked out by a throng and came to as Nai Palm’s vocals soared by a PA. Holy shit. These Melbourne cats positively rip.

Hiatus Kaiyote

Questlove did right by a Picnic carrying this party warp faces with their offbeat blend of soul, funk, and unwashed grooves. we opportunely spent many of my time on a theatre side of a barriers, that allows me to contend that Hiatus Kaiyote was a usually act of a night that had a undoubted who’s who of event and furloughed musicians station theatre side justly geeking a fuck out over songs with titles like “Shaolin Monk Motherfunk.” Bassist Paul Bender and keyboard actor Simon Mavin’s lightning quick slit on “By Fire” left many of a assembly station mouths horrified as they blended technical bravery with positively outrageous runs. It’s tough to dance to this music, though a tough to not be unequivocally into what’s function on stage. I’m strictly carrying a good time.

After that I’ve got some time before a subsequent act and we figure we should travel around and check out what festivals have to offer. Although this was my first, we now know these elementary things to be loyal of all festivals: People will quarrel for shade from a sun. There will be a lady in a Chicago Bulls jersey, gauges, and unwashed hair doing some unperceiving adult chronicle of a Macarena, alone. There will be a startling volume of frat bro looking dudes removing approach too vehement and high fiving. Neon. You will wait. Festival goers have to be a many studious people we have ever met. They wait though censure for mostly everything. Waiting for beer, watchful for water, watchful to use a bathroom, watchful for a basket of unsatisfactory French fries and duck fingers (I’m vegetarian though no one eating them looked enthused. Maybe it was a heat.), or only watchful for that one artist we paid $85 to see.

A$AP Rocky

For many, that one artist could unequivocally good have been A$AP Rocky. Standing in a print array during a front of a theatre we listened cries from a assembly for water. “WATER!” These people were so committed to this festival that they were forgoing a simple living compulsory for tellurian life. It was tough to sympathize with their self-imposed suffering, though we honour the flagrant negligence for that one thing that creates adult half a biological existence for their favorite artists. This was, in fact, a initial time that Rocky was behaving any of a element from his new manuscript At.Long.Last.A$AP live.

Rocky came out swinging, spitting glow from a second he strike a stage, exuding an appetite I’ve never seen before. There’s something about a festival that gets these artists charged up. Maybe it’s a sea of droughty fans in a genocide throes of alertness regulating a final of their earthy strength to roar during a tip of their lungs before flitting right a fuck out and creation certainty work overtime to lift your sleepy donkey out as a A$AP organisation rips by “Excuse Me” and “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2,” some of Rocky’s strongest songs to date. 

For many of a set a reverence to A$AP Yams was projected on a behind drop, culminating in a shoutout from Rocky himself to his dearly over friend. Though there was reverence for Yams via a set, Rocky and his organisation done it transparent to a assembly that they were “here for a picnic.” Rocky asked everybody to “Smoke some weed, relax, and let [the new material] marinade” as they kept a appetite going by dipping behind into Long.Live.A$AP’s “Wild for a Night” before holding it down with “Electric Body.” The dash and slit competence be laid back, and a throng competence have been unknown with a newer songs, though a appetite during Penn’s Landing was unequivocally 100. we consider I’m regulating that right. we unequivocally like a A$AP crews suspicion of a picnic.

I never unequivocally accepted what it was about a 25-year-old from Toronto that got literally each lady (and most men) all prohibited and bothered until a Weeknd walked on stage. This male has a relaxing voice of Michael Jackson in his slightest creepy years with a certainty of Drake after 3 beers and hair that astrophysicists have nonetheless to quantify in a ability to pass all laws of gravity. His vocals sooth a assembly into a state somewhere between a coma and passionate frenzy, many of them are feeling new feelings, and no one complaining about anything (except water). Me, I’m repelled that I’m saying artists I’d never have spent income on before, and fondness it.

Still, after “Drunk in Love” and “Wicked Games” we comprehend that I competence not be cut out for a festival circuit. I’m removing tired, my legs hurt, I’m hungry, and we don’t unequivocally caring about a Weeknd anymore. I only wish to see Erykah Badu and a Roots and be on my way. It’s a shitty feeling for someone who respects these acts immensely for a symbol they’ve left on my low-pitched soul. These are a artists that helped deliver hip hop, RB, soul, and swat to this rope nerd, who roughly exclusively listened to jazz and metal. They’re ambassadors for good music; they’re wakeful and they wish their assembly to be aware, that is kind of a whole ethos of a Roots Picnic. But it’s late, I’ve been during it for 9 hours, and we have sunburn in places we never suspicion possible.

Erykah Badu

Next thing we know, Erykah is onstage. we spoke of D’Angelo’s radiant participation during his uncover during NYC’s Best Buy Theatre early this year, though here was Erykah Badu literally fucking floating right before my eyes. Help, Mr. Security Man, we need water, we am unequivocally clearly droughty like all these other fools, and we am seeing shit we haven’t seen given a time we did mushrooms and saw Cirque Du Soleil in an dull college amphitheater.

I lift out my phone to constraint a brief impulse of this illusory being as her and her vocals slip along as Questo and a Roots lay behind into a fattest chronicle of “Window Seat” we have ever heard. Festivals all of a remarkable order again. Bassist Mark Kelly and guitarist Kirk Douglas lay down a thick slit behind Erykah’s “On On” with Questlove gripping it all together. Keeping all together. This male hadn’t only brought all this talent to one stage, he brought each chairman there, thousands of people, together for a night of absolute music.

I can’t pile Roots Picnic in with a rest of a festival world, as this felt shockingly abandoned of a blatant commercialism, promotion and selling that plagues others like it that we have deliberately avoided my whole life. This was unequivocally only one day of good fucking music, front to back, from commencement to end. Festivals probably still suck. Roots Picnic did not.


Pat Shahabian is shotgunning Aquafinas.


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