Swim and cruise nearby a arch during Treasure Island Beach in Laguna

October 2, 2017 - Picnic Time

Why: This handsome beach, that neighbors a Montage Resort, includes sandstone cliffs and a prime parking area that fills adult fast.

What: Treasure Island isn’t an island. But it is a beach and city park in Laguna Beach. It’s infrequently ignored since it wraps around a disdainful Montage review (most bedrooms cost $800 a night or more). But Treasure Island has a shadowy parking structure (whose roughly 30 spaces fill adult early ever day), a pleasing bluff-top trail alongside a resort’s unblemished landscaping, open benches, cruise spots with 180-degree sea views, waves pools and white-sand shores that embody a thespian sandstone arch.

About a name: In a 1930s, this beach was used as sharpened plcae for a film chronicle of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel “Treasure Island.” Later, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz used a mark in their 1954 vacation road-trip movie, “The Long, Long Trailer.” The Montage site once hold a trailer park.

The final time we was there, on a weekday in late September, we scored one of those desired parking spots. We picnicked on a dais atop a bluff, clowned around underneath a arch, afterwards speckled a sign (or maybe it was a sea lion) in a shallows by a rocks. You won’t find a tidier beach or steep top. Look north and you’ll mark Victoria Beach and a individualist 1920s “pirate tower” that rises from a shoreline there. (Be warned, however, that PCH is always bustling and parking is always in brief supply in Laguna Beach. Street parking is substantially your best bet.)

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