Testimony: Burned clothes, blade found in De La Cruz backyard

April 20, 2015 - Picnic Time

AUSTIN (KXAN) — After anticipating a ditch dug underneath a strew in her backyard, Victoria De La Cruz was so disturbed she called police, yet her panic did not finish when they arrived.

“We had to call an ambulance to a residence since of her accelerated heart rate and her nerves,” pronounced Austin Police Sergeant Jeff Greenwalt about visiting a home in a weeks after Julie Ann Gonzalez disappeared.

Victoria’s son George is now on hearing for a murder of his disloyal mom Gonzalez and that ditch along with other equipment found in a De La Cruz family backyard are being used as justification he killed Gonzalez notwithstanding her physique carrying never been found.

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Greenwalt testified on Monday a blade was found on a backyard cruise list and ammunition was found inside a shed. A black patch of weed was also found outward a strew and ruins of a purple shoelace indicated to Greenwalt a glow might have been set to bake clothing. A pile of mud was found behind a strew according to Greenwalt.

After Greenwalt left a stand, an ATT worker testified they perceived a call about disrupted use during 9:46am a day Gonzalez disappeared. They were means to brand shop-worn subterraneous wire in a De La Cruz backyard, presumably caused by someone digging with a shovel. The worker pronounced nobody with ATT would have been obliged for digging a ditch in a backyard shed.


For years, Karen Ozment lived opposite a travel from a De La Cruz family and pronounced they occasionally came out to speak with a neighborhood. However, a review with George De La Cruz shortly after Gonzalez’s disappearance was removed on Monday when she took a stand.

“There was one partial of a review that seemed to have dismayed him a small bit,” pronounced Ozment. Having perceived a call from Sandra Soto, Gonzalez’s mother, seeking she scrutinise with neighbors about presumably saying a blank woman, Ozment went to speak with Jesse Corpus. Earlier in a trial, Corpus testified his father had seen Gonzalez’s bullion Chevy Impala lift adult to a De La Cruz home and puzzling group get out and go to a home before removing behind in a automobile and leaving.

While articulate with Corpus, Ozment pronounced De La Cruz came by a doorway and assimilated a conversation. Ozment pronounced when Corpus mentioned saying dual Mexican nationals chaperon Gonzalez to a backyard towards a shed, De La Cruz’s coming changed.

“He seemed to kind of fall on a support of a doorway and his face incited white.”

During a march of a conversation, Ozment pronounced De La Cruz invariably mentioned group on Gonzalez’s MySpace page and attempted to indicate Gonzalez expected ran divided with one of them. He also pronounced Gonzalez kept personal equipment in a backyard strew and substantially went to collect them before leaving, according to Ozment.

“It gave a coming that she was greedy and ungrateful and we voiced that it did not sound like Julie Ann,” pronounced Ozment.

She went on to attest that after an coming on a Dr. Phil uncover and increasing media attention, she spoke with De La Cruz again about what might have happened to Gonzalez. At that time, she pronounced De La Cruz continued to paint Gonzalez as greedy for leaving.

“I emotionally pronounced ‘Julie Ann did not leave. Something unequivocally wrong has happened to her,’” testified Ozment. “He incited his conduct and pronounced ‘Do we unequivocally trust that?’”

Ozment also pronounced she was not wakeful of De La Cruz regulating her unsecured Wi-Fi network and reliable she did not give him permission. Earlier testimony from former APD digital research investigator Robby Godeaux settled De La Cruz used Ozment’s Wi-Fi even yet an internet network was in use during his possess home.

“We suspicion that was only peculiar that he was joining to a Wi-Fi source opposite a travel rather than his possess within a house,” pronounced Godeaux. Ozment pronounced she was not wakeful her network was unsecured. The state is perplexing to yield justification postings done on Gonzalez’s MySpace page might have indeed been posted by De La Cruz.

More digital justification testimony on Monday suggested 5 days after Gonzalez disappeared, someone accessed her MySpace comment only 7 mins before they accessed De La Cruz’s MySpace account, both from a same IP address. Cell phone annals also showed Gonzalez’s dungeon phone never left a Austin area. Prosecutors are perplexing to uncover someone else, presumably De La Cruz, accessed her MySpace page and posted about using divided to Colorado as a approach of deceiving investigators.

You can a Chris Sadeghi’s live tweets from a courtroom.

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