The Asshole Goose Game Is Fun To Play

November 21, 2017 - Picnic Time

Don’t worry, everyone: the crow game is good. So far, anyway.

I got a possibility to play a demo of Untitled Goose Game, a diversion about a crow that is also an asshole (are those terms redundant?), during Double Fine’s Day of a Devs eventuality in San Francisco progressing this month. we came in disturbed that it competence tumble flat, a twig-thin crow legs buckling underneath a weight of a million viral internet posts’ value of expectation. Instead, we was happy to find a crafty brew of cat-like heist shenanigans and player-created slapstick humor. we know since geese are assholes now: since it’s fun.


The demo took place in a comparatively tiny space circuitously a garden. we was given a array of nonsensical tasks to complete, yet differently we was giveaway to do as we pleased. The tasks, naturally, centered around creation a untimely gardener’s life miserable. First, we had to get him to clear a embankment to his garden. we finished adult doing it by activating his sprinkler complement and forcing him to come outward and spin it off, yet we also could’ve picked adult a unstable radio, incited it on, and gotten his courtesy that way. Then we could’ve run off with a radio and thrown it in a circuitously lake. Why? Why not.

Once inside a garden, we fast detected that Untitled Goose Game is usually as most about setups as it is unctuous and tormenting. For instance, one charge on my list review “have a picnic,” and it compulsory me to drag a garland of vegetables and other picnic-adjacent equipment out of a garden and onto a cruise blanket. Bear in mind, though, that we was a goose. If a gardener saw me swiping a fruits, by that we meant vegetables, of his labor, he’d waylay them right back. It wasn’t a game-over conditions or anything—you’d have to be one fucked-up gardener to murder a crow for perplexing to take a carrot—but we had to be crafty about it. So in sequence to seize a carrot, we finished adult plucking a garden’s single, changed rose out of a belligerent and using off with it, forcing a gardener to give chase. Then we tossed a rose, ran back, and grabbed a carrot.


After a bit of messing around, we satisfied a garden itself was structured kinda like a Metal Gear level. Wooden plant enclosures functioned like walls and line-of-sight-blocking barriers, while a gardener roamed a array of comparatively predicted paths. In sequence to take a hillside (which we indispensable to chuck in a lake, since rhyming), we finished adult boring it from a behind of a garden around a side and along a array of enclosures, creation certain that a gardener wasn’t looking when we changed between them.

Assigned tasks were fun enough, yet frankly, my favorite partial of a demo was usually messing around. Before we sneaked divided with a rake, we kept vouchsafing a gardener squeeze onto it and spin me each that way. It was hilarious. we also regularly knocked his keys off his belt usually to annoy him. Then there was a time we put a radio circuitously a sprinkler and incited on a sprinkler as shortly as a gardener was in range. (Cleverly, this also pennyless a radio.) Every time we got caught, a goose’s animations gave off this atmosphere of upset indignance. He’d smoke his wings and waddle divided like “How dare you credit me of that thing we usually saw me do?”

Only one thing angry me about a demo, and that was a controls. The crow had a good clarity of movement and celebrity to his movements, yet there were times when we usually couldn’t get him to squeeze objects. In raging moments when we usually had seconds to squeeze an object before a gardener disarmed whatever elaborate Rube Goldberg daze I’d set up, this done all a difference. It was frustrating to watch my well-laid skeleton come crashing down by no error of my own.

Untitled Goose Game won’t be out until someday subsequent year, though, so there’s time for developer House House to tie that up. And also, maybe, to give it a title.

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