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July 14, 2015 - Picnic Time

Alright, who’s prepared for a totally non-threatening confrontation?! Because it’s about time for us to locate adult with Nick and Shawn as they arrange of lift their voices during any other while staying seated a full 20 feet apart. But don’t worry, a fad won’t stop there, since afterwards we get dual full hours of people dancing around regulating a word “sex,” we know, since that would be too distant for this show.

Picking behind adult on Enniskillen Island — a honeymoon locality if I’ve ever listened one — Shawn and Nick are stability their seated confrontation, where they competence as good be saying, “No, you’re manipulative, arrogant, and cocky!” “No, we are!”

Things get somewhat some-more engaging when Nick says his dual favorite difference to Shawn — Eskimo brothers — though Shawn decides that Nick is an careless bleep, claims he wasn’t bragging about anything, and afterwards gets adult and walks divided with his extraordinary parsimonious T-shirt, withdrawal Nick and his foolish Irish sweater alone.

Seriously, somebody needs to learn these dual what a quarrel looks like. The initial order of quarrel bar is, we don’t know, standing?

Heading from Cork to Galway, Kaitlyn is focused on her overnight date with so-hot-it’s-ridiculous Ben, whose parsimonious pants and dorky sweater endorse what Kaitlyn says about Mr. Let’s-talk-all-night: He’s really not a player.

According to Kaitlyn, Ben is “easy and nice,” since those difference usually scream “I’m descending in love.” (Also, sadly for Kaitlyn, Ben doesn’t seem to be “easy.”)

And if anything ever pronounced “friend zone,” it’s a fact that Ben and Kaitlyn have relating Irish sweaters … and not on purpose. Sorry, Ben. But hey, during slightest we get to float a equine named Archie. As for Kaitlyn, Chip will be a usually thing she’s roving today. (I’m usually going to see myself out now.)

On their regretful date, a dual of them float their horses by a margin of dreams donkeys, where Kaitlyn thinks a donkeys are chasing her — since that’s some-more judicious than a fact that they’re chasing a bucket of food you’re holding.

Regardless, she enjoys Ben’s “calming presence” as they have a cruise outward of a palace designed by a designer obliged for Buckingham Palace. They speak about life, and Ben decides that starting a life together sounds “fun.”

Flash-forward to cooking inside a pleasing castle, and Ben shows adult wearing a masculine chronicle of Kaitlyn’s daytime sweater. But isn’t it sparkling to be in a palace that’s filled with “200 years of love”? (And substantially torture, betrayal, enslavement, etc.) Who’s prepared for dinner?!

After Ben raises a potion to Kaitlyn, he decides to tell her something crazy: He incited 26 on this show! Yes, birthdays are SO crazy. It’s roughly as if they don’t occur each year.

But a spin is reduction about a day and some-more about a fact that Ben didn’t tell Kaitlyn since she’s about to spin 30 and he didn’t know if age was an emanate for her. Guess what? It’s not. Can we pierce on now?

The integrate shares a outing down memory lane, remembering all 3 of their dates together before Kaitlyn decides they’re “so cute” and Ben calls her “unique” since he’s good during compliments.

Alright, we wish we guys are prepared for some all-night talking, since we’re headed to a anticipation suite! Well, usually after Ben finishes reading his note from Chris Harrison. Oh god, he’s one of those people who takes prolonged pauses during commas when reading out loud. Shoot me now.

Ben informs Kaitlyn that it totally sucks that she’s dating other people, though he’s descending for her, so yes, he’s prepared for a “best sleepover ever.” (Kaitlyn and Ben have very opposite definitions of what that means.)

The subsequent morning, Kaitlyn reveals that she usually got a half hour of nap — so Ben told at least 5 stories — though her large takeaway from a night is that she didn’t design to tumble in adore with Ben. So sweet, right?

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