The Glamorous Life And Tragic Fall of Americas First Supermodel

April 24, 2016 - Picnic Time

Both Edgar and Kittie harbored grand dreams. Unfortunately, they were not a same grand dreams. Edgar fantasized of attack it large in genuine estate. He had already trafficked west in his youth. When he was twenty, he had worked as a plantation laborer in Coral, Illinois. After removing married to Kittie behind home in Mexico, New York, Edgar headed west again. First he staid in Lemars, Iowa, 400 miles due west of Coral, where a new tyrannise was giving divided one-square-mile lots along a line to rise a land. He bought a entertain lot of 162 acres for $562 and, after operative on it for 3 years, sole it for $3,552. Next, he changed about 150 miles to pure domain in Fairmont, Minnesota, and attempted a same pretence again. This time, he bought a likewise sized lakeside lot for $860. The plantation lay between a banker’s land and his water. Desperate for entrance to a lake, a landowner bought Edgar out for $5,800. Edgar’s subsequent stop was about another 150 miles over west in Hudson, South Dakota, where he bought a lot for $960 and flipped it for $3,900. He afterwards followed a hardiest farmers another 150 miles even over west to buy eighty acres in Tilden, Nebraska, though a land was dry, so he sole it after a year and a half for $1,600. It is not transparent for how most of this genuine estate odyssey Kittie was with him. Though her father was a Methodist, as a child of 3 or four, Audrey went to a Cathedral School in Rochester, run by a Sisters of St. Joseph, while her father competence still have been in a West. His pioneering seems to have been too most for Kittie to bear. The Syracuse Herald, that spoke to Edgar, remarkable drily: “His mother was discontented with a West since it was too secluded on a prairie.”

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