‘The Path’: Cult Life Is No Picnic

January 25, 2017 - Picnic Time

The Path brings a trenchant gawk during cult life into a second deteriorate on Hulu on Wednesday. Some of a mysteries of a Meyerist Movement are solved early on, and other mysteries, both new and old, deepen. The behaving stays first-rate. It’s too bad, therefore, that a uncover deduction with a various, intriguing subplots during such a delayed pace.

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Aaron Paul’s Eddie is now splitsville with Meyerism; he’s out in a world, pulsation beers with a construction crew, yet condemned by what he left behind — his family, and whatever devout faith he’d mustered within a Meyerist compound. Michelle Monaghan’s Sarah is in some ways stronger than father Eddie, means to come to terms with their subdivision and an effective co-leader of a movement. Hugh Dancy’s Cal is underneath ever-increasing vigour to enhance a overdo and success of a Meyerist Movement, holding on a layer of shortcoming from owner Dr. Steven Meyer (Keir Dullea).

Cal has turn a cryptic impression for The Path. Without giving divided tract sum that should not be spoiled, we can contend that Cal is not coping good with a hostile directions in that he’s being pulled. In a season’s early episodes, he is frequency in tip-top personality form — he seems too apparently frayed, even unstable, to be heading a Boy Scout troop, let alone a movement. To this viewer, it seems roughly unimaginable that even a lowliest, many vulnerable-to-influence partisan would be captivated to what is now his anti-charisma.

By contrast, Sarah possesses, in many scenes, a strongest impression in each sense. Monaghan is superb during conveying a approach Sarah buries her possess fears and insecurities underneath a confident, during times steely, aspect that is really convincing, both to a Meyerists in a uncover and a Meyerist-watchers gazing during Hulu.

But a draggy pacing starts to make it feel as yet The Path is biding a time to give a assembly bigger reveals in a second half of a 13-episode season. Two subplots seem generally languid: a ongoing efforts of a FBI clandestine representative Abe (Rockmond Dunbar), and a adolescent-angst rebellion of Eddie and Sarah’s son, Hawk (Kyle Allen). Sometimes, too, a thespian structure of a uncover is uncomplicated and obvious. I’m thinking, for example, of a impulse in a second part in that a lady comes on to Eddie, and The Path cuts to a male entrance on to Sarah — a parallel, and a irony it’s meant to underscore, is too easy. There’s a lot that’s good about The Path, yet we have to clout by an shelter of boredom to sojourn on a trail.

The Path Season 2 starts streaming Jan. 25 on Hulu.


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