The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: ‘There’s No Business Like Friend Business’

December 28, 2015 - Picnic Time

This Christmas hangover part of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was a bit of a snoozer plot-wise — a many engaging thing that happened was examination Porsha flow bottled H2O into a coffee mop before celebration it, which…has to be a weirdest thing I’ve seen in 2015 — yet given final week’s installment was a clarification of way-too-much, we didn’t mind. Plus it featured dual of my favorite RHOA things: profound Kandi (and profound Kandi’s white dress interviews) and precious, forever-our-baby Ayden.

The women have returned from Miami and their lives as tangible adult women who act out scenes formed on things that could flattering occur in their lives: Kenya could flattering go on a date with her trainer; Cynthia could flattering continue to fake that she and Peter got that perpetually kinda adore and like they’re not usually regulating any other for a celebrity and function that comes with owning a Buffalo Wild Wings; and Porsha could flattering get into a prolonged stretch attribute with a male who doesn’t wish to be her beloved after usually being hardcore kicked to a quell by a opposite long-distance male who didn’t wish to be her boyfriend. Oh, wait…

Even yet there wasn’t unequivocally many function in this episode, we found roughly a whole thing (excluding a tools that featured Ayden, when we was tears and feeling an peculiar stir in my scarcely self-existent maternal instincts) flattering hilarious. First up: Porsha removing by dual plain mins of Oliver usually articulate about a figure and distance of her donkey and entrance to a conclusion, “I adore a male who knows what he wants, and Oliver seems like he’s prepared to go for it.” we feel like Porsha is a kind of chairman who responds to those Kenyan “prince” e-mails that trip by your spam filter. Also critical in this scene: Porsha’s “house dress” is backless, braless, and facilities a plunging neckline.

But Porsha isn’t a usually one sanctimonious to demeanour for adore in all a wrong clothes. Kenya and Marlo have arrived during a gym in a grand RHOA tradition of sanctimonious that any lady would ever want to work out in a stand top, let alone full lashes. Luckily, they don’t “work out” so many as “occasionally lay on things and afterwards get adult off them.” If anyone was perplexing to disaster around in a weights territory of my gym like that, they would get a dumbbell forsaken on them. But during Kenya’s gym, she usually gets a date from a large, handsome, younger trainer. Now, Kenya wasn’t awful in these scenes, and we was majorly relived to see that she substituted out a stand tip for Nike shorts and a elementary tee during a basketball date (somebody review Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance with that artistic initial date), yet who are we teasing here… We do not need to get to know this man, and we would be happier than Kandi in a Popeyes if we never had to see Kenya coquette again. Can we greatfully get her a story line? we wish to see that damn house!

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But unequivocally I’m usually burying a lead here given pregnant-ass Kandi (who is looking dynamite) is creation a song video with a assist of one — wait for it —Roger “two Bs, dual names, 4 eyes” Bobb. Housewife reject Demetria is behind on a scene, and apparently given Kandi thinks she’s super talented, Kandi wrote a duet for them, “Unnecessary Trouble,” that Demetria’s tag wants to be her initial single. So natch, they need to make a song video for it. Kandi is 7 months pregnant, and unexpected DonJuan (still his genuine name) is rarely endangered about her health, even yet a strange proclamation of her pregnancy definition she indispensable to delayed down put his eyes on a swivel. But there was no need to worry… Kandi gets to a set, straps on a span of thigh-high bejeweled boots and Works. It. The hell. OUT. Because Kandi is and always will be a badass trainer who surrounds herself with stone-cold chumps.

Speaking of chumps… Cynthia and Peter are still perplexing to get their attribute behind on track, and we are still carrying to hear about it. Peter sent Cynthia some yellow roses, that she calls “nice and elementary and sweet” while scowling. So, no, they shan’t be creation her forget that he sniffed some hostess’ neck on The Shade Room. So Peter drives all a approach from Charlotte to where, y’know, he indeed lives in Atlanta to give Cynthia a small romancin’. He sets adult a small picnic in a park finish with retreat and an artist to commemorate a arise — that he was indeed in a same space with his mother for some-more than 15 mins — yet they spend many of a time reflecting on how “ambitious” they’ve done any other, that usually concurrently skeeves me out and creates me sad. It creates skad.

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