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October 17, 2015 - Picnic Time

Ben Honeycutt shouldn’t be doing this. The Royals fan was innate with a spinal condition that causes spasms if he stands too long.

Honeycutt and a integrate friends bought standing-room-only tickets anyway —$100 any — usually 3 hours before Saturday’s American League Championship Series diversion during Kauffman Stadium.

And during a Royals’ 5-run seventh inning? Funny how Honeycutt’s behind wasn’t spiteful a bit.

The University of Kansas tyro had spent a diversion on a confluence high above left margin hopping to see over heads in front and crouching to perspective a margin between people on any side of a stairs going down.

But when that fifth run came in, Honeycutt, 22, was all over a place. He jumped true up, 7 times, pumping both fists. Then he took off using toward a statue of Ewing and Muriel Kauffman.

Those who come to The K with SRO tickets can do this. When good things happen, some run to nowhere in particular.

“I’m a college student. Standing room usually is all we can do,” pronounced Honeycutt, still breathing a bit after his seventh-inning hysterics. “And relocating around like this helps my back.”

A lot of fans cite going SRO. The whole track is theirs, solely for a seats.

Others will endure it for a postseason.

Like El Royal, who was kicking himself.

He’s no fan of station room only. But there he was Saturday behind right-center in a shade of a Crown Vision scoreboard, incompetent to see all of left field.

(The scoreboard shade indeed was a plus, as it kept a caped El Royal, aka Tony Alonzo of Merriam, from sweating too most behind a blue froth facade accented by a hulk sombrero.)

“I should’ve gotten my boundary out of bed,” Alonzo, 46, said. “The Royals put some seats on sale during 1 a.m. after Game 5” of a local series.

From bed he phoned his wife, who was operative out of town. “Get those seats while we can,” she said.

But nah. Alonzo figured a seats, during $125, would still be accessible come daybreak.

Well, a good El Royal was wrong. He paid $106 to stand. And while explaining all this to The Star, a Blue Jays scored a game’s initial run, that he missed.

You need to stay on your toes, literally, if your SRO.

Or we could competition to a honeyed indentation nearby territory 221, behind a Boulevard Beer stand, before Mike Fowks and Roman Ozimek get there.

They have an unrestricted perspective of a left side of a infield and have been hoarding a mark given a start of a postseason.

They didn’t know any other dual weeks ago though are buddies now.

“I consider this is a best mark in a park to watch a game,” pronounced Ozimek, 28, of Kansas City. “But you’re not going to put it in a paper, are you. Are we insane? Everyone will know.”

Fowks, 57, of DeSoto, pronounced he’ll infrequently buy nose-bleed seats and travel down to a categorical confluence and go SRO right here, with sudsy refreshments dual stairs away.

“It doesn’t matter that we’re standing,” he said. “People with seats mount each time a count goes to 3-2.”

Or when a Royals need a psychological lift, that was mostly when they were confronting Blue Jays starter David Price.

And, ironically, some with SRO tickets sit.

That’s Terrance Carter behind there in a cruise list area of a Outfield Experience, sitting with a image of nachos and following a diversion on a large screen.

For a $90 SRO sheet he bought online, “I can check something off a bucket list,” pronounced Carter, 44, of Kansas City. “I’ve never been to a Royals postseason game.”

On arise he stretched his legs and roamed. In fact, he was in a track Team Store shopping souvenirs while Toronto scored dual some-more runs in a sixth inning.

Carter missed it.

He was still in a store when a Toronto fielding blunder got that seventh-inning convene going. Hearing a cheers he sprinted toward a nearest TV and watched a rest of a scoring.

By games’ finish he was behind sitting during a cruise list to see a Royals hang it up.

Big smile.

“Yeah, I’m kind of a roamer out here,” he said. “But we schooled my lesson.”

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