The Seductive Nostalgia of a Picnic

April 8, 2017 - Picnic Time

My father reported a happiest moments of flourishing adult during a Depression were when his mom packaged a bushel and a family gathering from a rubber-factory-darkened skies of Akron into a honeyed atmosphere of a country. They had no end in mind. When a quite comely pasture appeared, they stopped. Their cruise was widespread on a farmer’s hayfield, afterwards radically a commons, no accede required.

* * *

The picnic, of course, has not wholly vanished. Instead, it tends to start as mortified retro entertainment, like many a prerequisite of yore. The enterprise is varnished possibly by girl and a almighty query for tenure of others’ rejected memories, or by money. The unison in a park brings onward a sconce and wineglass and saucisson; Rolls-Royce’s bespoke hamper, done of saddle leather, oiled teak, and discriminating aluminum, comes finish with Hungarian hand-blown clear and Wedgwood porcelain. It fits ideally into your Phantom Zenith to yield a noted meal, for usually $46,000. The Bentley Bentayga’s version—with refrigerated compartment!—is a small $32,000. If a H2O perspective is some-more to your liking, a Hinckley Picnic Boat MKIII offers a floating picnic. If we can lay your hands on one of a 450 done so far. For $750,000.

I have not done a cruise in years, not a kind where we deliberate a Bible of my youth, Bach’s Lunch: Picnic Patio Classics, from a Junior Committee of a Cleveland Orchestra. Not a kind that is a prominence of any week, a dream done real: a vacation to a lost that might be usually a few miles though feels like a heady adventure.  

The predestine of this matchless event—ants genuine or apocryphal, lemonade, and all—is a informative bellwether. The arc of a arise and tumble charts a changing attribute to a farming landscape, and to a past. It might be temporarily gone, though we can call it back. What is left of a uncharted, unmapped, unfathomed still beckons. And don’t forget a mayonnaise.

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