THE TAILGATE: A Graphical Preview of Texas A&M vs Wake Forest

December 27, 2017 - Picnic Time

Here we are, Ags! Bowl time! Get pumped to see these guys top off a… year! Start column bets among your friends about how many times Jimbo is shown on-screen, how many times they discuss Sumlin, and how many Johnny play quip highlights we get to see. But while you’re doing that, don’t forget to get some selling done. Make certain you’re Aggie adequate for a offseason with some of these freaking overwhelming grabs from

1. Texas AM Touchdown Pro Bamboo Cutting Board: “This eco-friendly bamboo slicing house will have we entertaining for a Texas AM Aggies all deteriorate prolonged interjection to a football figure and useful functionality.” Nothing gets me some-more dismissed adult for football than a operative slicing house in a figure of a football. Usually, when I’m cooking, we forget about my fandom, though not anymore dammit! I’ll be singing a War Hymn each time we bones an onion. You’ve gotta adore SEO driven copywriters.

2. Texas AM Aggies Large Ice Scraper: “Durable in severe weather, this square is essential to your collection.” Did we review that? Essential. You can set this right subsequent to your Aggie Tire Pressure Gauge, Reveille Sun Shade, and Ol Sarge Dipstick. For a one time per year we competence scratch ice off your automobile in East Texas, be certain that each neighbor in steer can tell that you’ve never been licked with this gem.

3. Texas AM Aggies Spirit Mesh Bucker Hat: This object has no description, and if we didn’t click on it I’ll only go forward and tell we what a bucker shawl is: it’s a bucket trucker shawl with a cowboy brim. These demeanour like a uniform of a etiquette representative in Flavortown, and everybody should possess 10.

4. Texas AM Aggies Portable Picnic Table: “Take cruise time to a whole new turn with this one-of-a-kind table.” What? You’re picnicking on something other than an Aggie branded list that folds down into a briefcase for easy transport? YOU TWO PERCENTER! E. King Gill should travel right adult to you, forcibly mislay your ring, and flog we where your balls used to be.

5. Texas AM Aggies Tie Bar, Money Clip, and Cufflinks: Aggie Ring not removing adequate conversations started around how we kicked a whole football world’s donkey in a coaching search? Well, time to rouse your diversion around a bureau with this energy contingent of sophistication. Make certain that everybody in your cigar bar knows where we went to college, and that you’re privately prepared for a step adult in category that comes with a $7.5 million/year coach.

I didn’t even get to a cheese board, though y’all get a point. Belk, in their wisdom, picked Texas AM to play in a Belk Bowl. Time to lapse a preference and spend all your income on Aggie equipment from a dear sponsor. Let’s btho arise timberland and start a offseason circumference that is certain to embark after time expires.

Aggies – 35
Deacons – 24

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